Can You See the Real Me? – A Teen Girl’s Letter

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Can You See the Real Me? – a Teen Girl’s Letter was inspired by Johnson & Johnson Philippines’ “See the Real Me” Teen-Powerment Advocacy campaign. This campaign seeks to change the mindset of teen girls who are held back by insecurities which usually hit the hardest during puberty. It hopes to inspire courage for these girls to show their real selves and thus blossom to their full potential.

Hello World!

I want to tell you a secret, a secret I’ve been keeping for so long within me. You know the girl you’ve been seeing since I hit the age of puberty? That isn’t me. She’s someone I’ve created using all the elements which I think will make the perfect girl.

The pretense is starting to get into my nerves but I’ve got to keep up. What if my popular friends find out that I am not cool as they are, that I am just an ordinary girl hoping to find my place in this awkward stage? I’m sure they’d drop me like a hot potato if they only knew.

They don’t have any idea how hard I try to do what they seem to do so effortlessly. Clear skin, long flowing hair, fashionable wear, confident walk – oh yes, they look like they walked out straight from a teen fashion magazine, even during those days of the month. Me, I’d be hiding somewhere making excuses about being sick just because of that single taunting zit on my nose and that bloated feeling that makes we want to stay in bed forever.  Keeping up is so tiring because as much as I want to be popular, I also want something else.

The real me wants to be known. I like music – classical music, and I want to sing them. I love staying home to putter around the house  instead of going to the mall. I love talking about boys as well but not as much as I love to talk about how to take care of the environment. Yah, so geeky right? So I guard my real self like it is the best-kept secret in the world.

Everyday, I see the real me in front of the mirror. Should I hide it or reveal more? I wonder if you will accept me and help me blossom to what I am meant to be or will you reject me so I’d rue the day I revealed my real self?

Can you see the real me? It’s here somewhere. I hope I summon enough courage to not care so much if some people won’t like me for who I am. I know I need to learn to accept myself first though and I’m working on it. Wish me well.

Teen Girl


Highlights of the Launch of J&J’s See the Real Me Teen-Powerment School Program

Johnson & Johnson launched its See the Real Me Teen-Powerment School Program last July 30 at the Makati High School. This campaign challenges the status-quo that to sell one’s products, one must sacrifice teens’self confidence. A troubling global statistic which shows that 75% of adolescents aged 13-19 years old are growing up fearful adults, hesitant to show who they really are in fear of being ridiculed and judged merely based on appearances, forms one of the compelling reasons to start this campaign. J&J hopes to saturate NCR region before moving into the outskirts.


Teens take the center stage

Teens take the center stage


Johnson & Johnson Executives

Johnson & Johnson Executives


Event Hosts plus Krissy and Ericka singing the See the Real Me anthem

Event Hosts plus Krissy and Ericka singing the See the Real Me anthem


Talking with Teens with Teen psychologist Aileen Sison

Talking with Teens with Teen psychologist Aileen Sison


Makati High School students feeling wonderful about being teens

Makati High School students feeling wonderful about being teens

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8 Responses to “Can You See the Real Me? – A Teen Girl’s Letter”

  1. Jane Flemson says:

    This is interesting, but I’m a little suspicious of a campaign that aims to support all kinds of beauty and yet is faced by celebrities who adhere strictly to the dominant beauty standard.

    • Teresa Martinez says:

      I believe there is a lot to be done to change the mindset of people in general when it comes to standards of beauty. Yes, companies that launch campaigns such as this will need to prove that they mean what they say. It is admirable for J&J to take this initiative but there is a responsibility that comes with it. I for one am hoping for the best, for whatever its worth, as teens need assurance and support specifically from media which appears to have a very strong impact on their lives.

  2. With slight variations, these insecure feelings can also apply to teenage guys. I certainly felt uncool at the time

  3. Nova says:

    It is always a great feeling to be yourself rather than hiding from someone’s identity, we can be happier if we choose the path that would make the world knows who we really are.

  4. As a youth counselor in our church, this
    shadow image’ thing about teens both girls and boys is often shared by some teens. I also tell the party “Magpakatotoo ka, God created you as a unique person.”

  5. betchai says:

    I hope you’d reveal yourself more 🙂 then, you’ll find a world that would be more accepting of who you are.

  6. What a nice program for the teens, it’s a self enhancement booster.

  7. Such is the effect of peer pressure! I hope ;every teenager will learn to be his/her own person and not be afraid to show who he/she really is.

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