Child’s Letter to Santa

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Original Photo by: chamomile

Original Photo by: chamomile

Child’s Letter to Santa is a letter that shows the capacity of children to understand real life while holding on to youthful innocence.

Dear Santa,

I didn’t want to disturb you because I know this is the busiest time of the year for you. I’m sure the North Pole is all bustling with activity as early as now. You are probably drowning with letters from kids like me asking for toys and other gifts.

That is why I perfectly understand why I have not been receiving the gifts I’ve been asking for in the past two years. Maybe your gift lists got mixed up somewhere but I’m still glad I got gifts from you since that means your good and naughty lists are still alright. I’ve already put my new letter to you in our Christmas Tree but I thought of sending this one to you just in case you are really pressed for time. I hope your computers are working just fine there and this will reach you in time. My teacher says that everyone located everywhere can be reached through the computer these days. I hope she doesn’t get mad that I used the computer in school to send this. We haven’t been able to get one yet.

You must have been especially busy last year since you asked my father to bring your gift to me. At least that was what he said when I saw him putting your gift under our tree. I actually was requesting him to get back to you when I saw what was inside the box. I asked for that popular action toy, remember? The coloring book and crayons you sent were actually alright but I was really expecting that toy.

My father looked so tired and almost teary-eyed when he asked me to just wait for this year as there might have been some confusion. Boy, he must be really exhausted to feel like that about my simple request. I’ve been noticing how extra-hard he worked for the past year and I’d often see my mother crying after some people would be coming to our house with some talk about money. I don’t exactly understand why as every time I’d ask they’ll tell me to play as I was too young to understand.

Santa, is it possible for you to send my parents a toy each this Christmas? I’m sure they ‘ll feel happy like I do when I get one. You can just give mine next Christmas.

If it’s okay with you, can I give it to them myself so I can at least see them smile? It has been a while since I last heard them laugh. Β Just let me know where and when to get them or maybe you can send the toys through an elf or a reindeer. I promise to be a good boy always Santa, just please, please, please, grant me this.

I’ll be waiting,

Letter Writer

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Teresa Martinez

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19 Responses to “Child’s Letter to Santa”

  1. Joy says:

    i remember during my elementary days our teacher always make us write a letter to Santa before the Christmas school break and then she hands the letter over to our parents during the Christmas party telling us it would be Mom who’s going to do the mailing ahihi

  2. rachelle says:

    I have only a vague memory as a child knowing Santa. I guess it became too early for me to know that my parents were the ones giving us the gifts.

  3. Juliana says:

    The innocence of a child… We all go through that stage and sometimes I kind of long for those days. Life was a lot easier then. πŸ™‚

  4. papaleng007 says:

    Genuine thoughts. That is what I love lost sa mga kids, they just pour out what’s inside their heart. Lovely letter. Thumbs up.

  5. i am not really good in this santa thingy. though i always make the best surprise gift for my daughter when ever she woke up on Xmas day.

  6. betchai says:

    this letter brought a lot of warm smiles here, from the child using the computer at school wishing the teacher did not know to request of gifts for his mom and dad, this child is so sweet

  7. awwwww, what a heart warming letter from a thoughtful child.

    my girl still hangs her Santa socks by the window and looks forward to opening Santa’s gift under the Christmas tree. πŸ™‚

  8. Anne Mary says:

    Dear letterwriter I am sure your Christmas wish will be granted. Not only Santa is reading your wishes but The LORD GOD as well.

  9. Nova S says:

    I find this letter very touching, I think among my family I am the only one who believes in Santa and still hoping that someday he will eventually visit our home and gave me my wish. but apparently he never came.

  10. ems says:

    Back when I was a kid, we used to hang our old socks outside the door and in the morning we would see what’s inside. We truly thought that Santa put some candies just for us. But when I grew up, I realized that the real Santa is my father.

  11. I only heard Santa in songs when I was growing up. This letter makes me sad and smile at the same time.

  12. msculit says:

    That’s a very nice and innocent, very apt for little kids who believe in Santa and the magic he brings during the holidays.

  13. kulasa says:

    ..made me teary eyed here…sigh…more than the material things, I fervently wish everyone be granted love peace and joy from Christ this season and everyday of the year…

  14. i hope that kids will be like him. unselfish and young as he may be – but feels the needs to make his parents feel happy this joyful season.

  15. Marie says:

    This is so cute! πŸ™‚ I remember when I still used to write my letters for Santa every year… No answer up to now… But that’s okay! πŸ™‚ Santa’s just busy! ^_^

  16. Dear Santa, I haven’t heard from since I was a kid. I wonder where my gift is. Hehehehehe! This letter reminds me of my childhood, perhaps the best phase of any human being. ^_^

  17. Tingting R. says:

    My daughter used to send letters to Santa, and he (or USPS) was kind enough to send a reply letter. Now, she is older. The reality that Santa is not real sunk in.

  18. Marie says:

    Like Che, I can’t remember at all not knowing. ^_^ I didn’t have the attitude, perhaps, to made my kids believe in Santa because I adamantly believed that parents shouldn’t lie to them, whether big or smile. Great heart in that letter, though. πŸ™‚

  19. lavonnia1978 says:

    This makes me think back to when I would write letters to Santa. I now have my children to do this. It’s sweet memories.

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