Counting the Years With You

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Original Photo by: clarita

Original Photo by: clarita

Counting the Years with You is a letter of love and thanks from a young woman to her boyfriend of three years. The optimism of young love evidently shines through in this letter reminding those who are in long-standing relationships how good it all began.

To My Cupid,

Last Valentine’s Day was a very special and lovely day for everyone. Different kinds of flowers, different brands of chocolates, and special love letters were sent here and there. I’ve been receiving these stuff from you for three years already and I’m glad that I still received them again this year. I’m not saying that I’m expecting gifts from you, but I’m rather implying that I’m very thankful to be still spending valentine’s day with you. Having you around is more than enough of a gift.

Even if it’s not Valentine’s Day, you will always be my Cupid and I your Psyche. Each day of our lives that we make extra special will always be greater than any Valentine’s Day celebration. I cherish every moment that we create together. Together, we can count years from our young love and promise to stay in-love forever.

They say that there are no perfect relationships. I agree. But I believe that relationships that beat time are perfect. Timeless and unconditional love will always find a way to be ideal. And finding you is the most ideal thing that happened to me. I am saying this because it’s the only truth I know.

Thank you for everything, my love. Thank you for being a lover and a best friend. Thank you for all the things you do for me. Thank you for being so patient with me. Thank you for surviving my mood swings, and thank you for forgiving me each time I make a mistake. I am so thankful to be able to share bad and good memories with you. Most of all, I am thankful for being able to share this love with you.

Let me start counting the years with you from 1,2,3, until we reach forever. We may be young but I dare dream of forever. For in your eyes I see forever and so I continue counting the years with you.

From your Psyche,

Letter Writer


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Froilene Villanueva is a fourth year BA in Communication and Media Studies student at the University of the Philippines Visayas. She has a blog about beauty, love, and girls and is a newbie in the blogging industry.



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4 Responses to “Counting the Years With You”

  1. This is a sweet letter and there are many parts that I can relate to. Counting from 1,2,3 until reaching forever touched me the most!

  2. Franc Ramon says:

    This is such a sweet letter and she’ll always have her cupid forever.

  3. I like the phrase “bestfriend and lover”. I can relate to this letter mam Teresa! Love is simple respect, understanding, and patience- Yeap!

  4. Awwww. this is such a sweet letter!

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