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A Daughter’s Letter to her Dad is a our letter of the month of July . This is our guest letter writer’s letter to her father that speaks of how he is missed by the family because of his unexpected demise.


July 17, 2013

Dearest Papang,

It’s been ten long years. So many things had transpired since you left us. My heart was ripped apart on the day of your funeral. I didn’t think I could make it but I told myself to be stronger for just one more day to be able to pay my last respects to the father that gave me life.

Do you remember how you so wanted to celebrate your silver wedding anniversary a few days before your unexpected demise? It was very painful for Mamang to have celebrated it without you by her side. She must have missed all your surprises on each and every occasion. I was there. I saw how she struggled day in and day out with your sudden death. Truth be told, it was both of us. I knew that the boys suffered too as much as we did but my and Mamang’s anguish were very evident with the recurrent nightmares each night. It was only then that we both decided to sleep together in one room to simply comfort and be there for each other.

You’ve missed a lot of milestones in our family. I am sure you would have been so proud of each of our accomplishments and would have been so downhearted with our failures.  Had you been with us to this day, I know that you would keep encouraging and motivating us to give it our best shot and simply never give up.

You would have been so proud of your little boy. Oh man! He is such a performer! I am very sure you’d be a real stage Dad and his number one fan at that! You must see the girls swooning over him and the roaring crowd when he performs on stage. You won’t believe that for such a small man, he would have such a huge following. He must have gotten your charms!

It is a real pity that you weren’t around for the first wedding in the family. Your middle child just gave you a grandson! He gave us tremendous joy! He is simply priceless! One more guy bearing the family name; you can’t get any prouder than that!

I have missed your presence in our lives. Every anniversary of your death, I can’t help but shed a tear. It was the very day I lost a part of me. It was the day my heart was shattered into pieces. But life has to move on. We eventually did with God who did an immaculate job in guiding and protecting our hearts.

You would have been so proud of me as you always have been everytime I nail a job. You were there for me egging me on when I was recommended for my first job right after my college graduation. I knew you’d been telling your friends how proud you were of me in whatever I do. Even though we often “debate” from the important down to the petty issues, the clashing of our minds only proved that your brilliance need not be undermined. It’s your way of telling me that even though you had less education than I did, it does not mean you are less educated.

And how can I forget how you motivated me when I applied for my second job? You were the happiest when I was finally hired. You’re simply the proudest father that only wished the best future for their kids. I wish you were still around when I shifted from my private employment to public service. Geez! I wonder how you would react every time I was interviewed by the media on TV!

I would have been the happiest bride if you could have walked me down the aisle. It’s the happiest moment for every bride to see her two most favorite men in the world on her very special day. You would have loved my taste for a groom.  I am aware that I am your only princess but my husband made me his queen. There is no doubt in my mind that you’d be very happy for me.

I always think of you whenever there are family gatherings. Oh how you’ve been sorely missed! Each time I write something about you, tears kept welling up my eyes until I can write no more. Not a day goes by without me wishing you were still by our side. Life indeed can be so harsh at times. I have learned to accept that we don’t own whatever we have- not even our own lives. And that’s when I learned to appreciate the beauty of life itself day by day.

I never fail to offer a single prayer for you each time. I have so much hope in my heart that one day, we shall meet again- in God’s promised Kingdom.

You have taught me a lot. You taught me to take pleasure from simple things and to simply be proud of myself yet you never failed to remind me to keep myself firmly grounded. You have imparted in me the importance of giving and extending a helping hand without any expectations at all.

Thank you for molding me to be the person that I am today; my morals, character and anything decent about me- I owe it all to you. Thank you for being the loving and the sweetest father that you were, for all that you have given me…

I love you truly with all my heart and soul!

Always your daughter,



About the Guest Letter WriterLainy & Dad

Lainy Belle has been a blogger for more than 6 years and she considers her blogs her canvases. Her first blog is “A Sojourner’s Saga“.

In her own words: “Some of us are earth’s sojourners, storytellers and readers. I am all three… I express. I write. I blog.”



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