Dear Philippine Presidents

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Dear Philippine Presidents  is a letter addressed to all Philippine presidents, past and present, dead or alive, “good or bad”, reminding them and people supporting them that it is the responsibility of any president to work for the benefit of the country and its citizens.

Dear Philippine Presidents,

I find it unsettling that supporters of this and that president have been enumerating the accomplishments supposedly done during the respective terms of each one. May I respectfully ask please, isn’t this what each of you promised during elections? Do Filipinos owe you anything when you perform the tasks expected of you as the sitting president?

When each one of you claimed the presidency by virtue of the majority vote, no matter how slim the difference for some, the Filipino people put their hopes on you. Hope for a better life, a dignified life, a life where justice prevails, and a happy life even for many of us who dared to go that far. Some of you delivered, some were big disappointments while some tarnished the image of the position. The result was your choice, not ours; your call, not ours.

As Filipinos, we owe you support for your lofty endeavors for our country even if it means personal sacrifice. But we expect you to sacrifice with us and instill the change you need to do on yourself when you ask us to do the same. We need you to make the sacrifice more acceptable to us because you are willing to bleed with us. We need you to remove the doubts in us by applying the law on yourself and the people around you.

As Filipinos, we also owe you our voice of dissent when you deviate from the path of good leadership. Please do not ask for our silence when you need to hear us above the roars of false patronage. Please do not demand our freedom in exchange for development. Ensuring our freedom and the country’s development is your job and Filipinos are more than happy to help.

So excuse me Mr. or Mrs. President when I say that I find it distasteful for you or anyone else to enumerate your accomplishments as an answer to criticism. Continuously denying or worse, glamorizing a mistake by covering it with accomplishments is revolting to a thinking citizen. I would rather hear a president offer a sincere apology (not a half-baked one please), and then proceed to correct it, than have a president who lives with the illusion that he or she can do no wrong.

While all your efforts are appreciated, avoid tooting your own horn. The Filipino people are the better judges for that. Don’t worry about detractors, they know what’s real and what’s not, regardless of what they say.  Make your term count, just as you promised and just as we believed.

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