Family Christmas Letter

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Original Photo by: cohdra

Original Photo by: cohdra

A Family Christmas Letter is a letter traditionally written at Christmas time  to relatives, friends, and associates that sums up what happened for the year to the family sending the letter. It may be a generic one which can be sent to all, much like a Christmas card or it can be personalized for every recipient. This task is usually handled by the mother or a responsible adult child.

Writing this letter every year need not be a burdensome responsibility by remembering a few tips.

1. Write naturally

If you prefer to sound like a Christmas Card, then you might as well buy one, sign it , and give it. Otherwise, write your own Family Christmas Letter that speaks like you. This is the time to be reaching out to your family and friends and not alienating them with words that clearly cannot be identified with you. Go easy on the superlatives.

2. Resist the Temptation to Brag

Although Family Christmas Letters usually contain the highlights of special events and accomplishments in the family, it is not the time to brag. We can mention these accomplishments in a manner that would not be seen as boastful. Do away with puffed-up image presentations. Remember that you are writing to people who know you, including the negative side.

3. Keep it Short, Creative, and Fun

Don’t make the mistake of making letters that are discouraging to read at the very start because of the length. Aim to creatively use the short attention span of readers in your favor by opting for short Family Christmas Letters that come with an effective message. Make it fun to read by opting for other formats such as enumerating highlights in bullets and use of suitable images or writing the letters on Christmas stationery.

4. Start on a Positive Tone

Starting with a positive tone creates more interest on the part of the recipient to read further. Many Family Christmas Letters start off with a reference to the ending year which aside from being too cliche can actually carry a negative tone. Start with a sentence that speaks of happiness and hope rather than melancholy.

5. Make it Personal

Nothing reaches out to the heart of the letter-reader than a commonality or familiarity shared with the letter writer. This is one of the reasons why handwritten letters are very effective. A personalized letter can be done so through wordings. The effort to personalize a letter is seldom lost on the recipient.


Our Family Christmas Letter

To our family and friends,

2013 has been a busy and blessed year at the Martinez household.  In spite of the many challenges that came our way, we are very thankful that we pulled though specifically because of the continued support of people like you. You were happy for our successes and we want you to know that it mattered to us.

This Christmas time, we wish you and your family the joys of  a fruitful Christmas that can only be experienced among true friends and loyal family. Have a meaningful Christmas as you continue to be a blessing to others.

*I usually opt to write by hand each and every Christmas Family Letter we send out preferably on a card with our family picture on it.


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7 Responses to “Family Christmas Letter”

  1. franckxethee says:

    I prefer cards over letter on Christmas though a quick update wold be good.

  2. Jhady says:

    I failed to make a letter like this to update my family and friends about us. But I printed out a photo Christmas cards with a brief message. Thanks for this idea and I will try this next year.

  3. Nova S says:

    I would say i usually do the writing, but because I always love to give out a photo cards and its been done automatically i never get the chance to hand write our names. Thanks for the tips

  4. Writing letters still is special.. especially when you get it from your loved ones.

  5. I love the idea of Family Christmas Letter. Merry Christmas!

  6. Candyz Nikka says:

    I miss receiving letters or Christmas cards that are handwritten. ^_^ Merry Christmas! Thanks for the tips.

  7. When we received a hand written card last Christmas, I told myself I’ll make sure my daughter will learn the art of handwritten messages. This guide is very helpful since and perfect for the season. Thank you!

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