Introducing “A Letter Writer”

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letter writing

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Introducing  “A Letter Writer” is fairly easy.  It is simply about using the letter format to present real stories of real people that may be difficult to  put forward in a different format.  Letters are more spontaneous, almost conversational, which gives the words their natural flow in thought and rhythm.

“A Letter Writer” will bring real stories of life through letters.  With the phenomenal popularity of the article “A Mother’s Open Letter to Her Daughter“, it is evident that readers are very interested in human emotions revealed through written form.  The author will assume the role of the “Letter Writer” as she interprets real stories from her own experience and others’,  and brings them to life through letters.

The author as the Letter Writer will try to put herself in different situations to come up with a fitting interpretation of stories she encounters through other people.  Each letter will be a straightforward message of personal experiences.  Nothing can be more poignant and more touching than a message sent through a letter.

Letter writing is a form of art that has existed for a long time.  Women letter writers of early modern Europe have left a historic legacy of correspondence.  Marie de Sevigne was considered to be the archetype of what a woman letter writer is.  A number of other women in history have made their mark in letter writing.  It is usually difficult to detect where reality ends and literary form begins.  It is considered the complete mastery of the art when a letter writer is able to convince readers that what they are reading are real correspondences and not merely works of fiction.  There is so much to discover from this often neglected literary form.  It would be a joy to discover them with you.

“A Letter Writer” – Reviving the Lost Art of Letter Writing

This blog accepts letters for publication.  Please see SUBMIT A LETTER for details.



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Teresa Martinez

A freelance researcher-writer who has continuously been in such field for more than 10 years. Previous to that, her work experiences are in the banking, advertising, and cooperative industries. More of her work in Google+

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89 Responses to “Introducing “A Letter Writer””

  1. I read one of your letters and it was full of emotion. This is a great idea and I am sure that we will be reading some more inspiring letters from you in the future.

    • Teresa Martinez says:

      I hope to provide more letters that can inspire people to take positive action in whatever situation they are in.

  2. betchai says:

    I find expressing the challenges I was facing in life when I was younger easier to manage through letter writing, writing as they sad is a therapy, and indeed, it is.

    • Teresa Martinez says:

      Have you tried writing a letter where you poured out all your grief and sentiments and then tore it to pieces instead of sending it? It’s kind of therapeutic.

  3. I’m not a good writer but I write from my heart.If I am homesick I blog like crazy that there’s no tomorrow and I more inspired and get things done.

    • Teresa Martinez says:

      There are no strict rules to writing actually since there are many forms. Writing from the heart is good.

  4. What a good idea to try. The question is, will my readers enjoy my ‘letters’.

  5. Algene says:

    Wow! This is such a good place to read letters. I’ve always wanted to read letters and allow them to bring me into a completely new situation. I want to place myself into someone’s shoes. Expecting more letters from you.

  6. kulasazens says:

    Wow, letter writing is indeed a marvelous way to express emotions…you have the talent and heart to put into words what others can’t…letter writing was my original purpose when I st3ted my blog hence the title of my main blog but when I was introduced to photography I focused more on images…looking forward to reading more letters here…the one about an ex I read last time here was full of emotions and beautifully written…keep them coming and inspiring many of us 🙂

  7. Letter Writer is an interesting way to connect with your readers. You will surely touch the lives of many people by introducing this in your blog. Good luck!

  8. before, i used to write letters to my love one but i never send them, i have this memory box wherein i put all of them and sometimes i read them and i could not help but cry, i guess its good that i was able to move on with that sad part of my life.

    • Teresa Martinez says:

      The mere act of writing letters where we pour out all our innermost emotions can sometimes help us overcome the most difficult times of our life without necessarily confronting the intended recipient. This is especially so when an avenue for release is what is needed. Of course, there are some things that really have to be said.

  9. I am one of the many people who were deeply moved by that letter in your other blog. It was so touching and full of emotion. You can be a Marie de Sevigne, as you have the passion and the love for this craft.

    Waiting for more. 🙂

    • Teresa Martinez says:

      My only intention for this blog is to present messages that cannot usually be said upfront. There are so many emotions hidden by people but that doesn’t mean they do not exist.

  10. Rovie says:

    Looking forward to read and be touched by more letters and stories from the letter writer. 🙂

  11. Cheerful says:

    this is great…thanks for sharing. hope to read more letters and stories from a letter writer. i, myself love writing letter for my loved ones…short or long but always comes from my heart! 🙂 all the best po.

  12. mommyjem says:

    A few years back, I used to read true stories from letters posted online but now I do not have enough time to read. I think what makes letter writers interesting is the way they share their real experiences.

    • Teresa Martinez says:

      Letters have a way of revealing a certain side of the writer which cannot be seen in the usual story-telling format.

  13. Franc Ramon says:

    I like the letter format to in presenting blogs. I’m sure a lot of insightful letters would be submitted here.

    • Teresa Martinez says:

      I am really looking forward to receiving a lot of letter submissions. It would be nice to read other people’s perspectives.

  14. Reading an open letter to someone you love or anybody is touching.In fact I just read one today, an open letter to OFW, written by an American.

  15. being a writer really takes a lot of skills, this one is good. .

  16. Earl Pablo says:

    A very interesting start for writers to write and submit items for publication, for journaling, and keepsakes.

    • Teresa Martinez says:

      I’m thinking that too so I hope budding letter writers would consider sending their letters to this blog for possible publication

  17. Debarpan says:

    I love the idea of letter writing,just got something new and fresh from this post.

  18. a letter form for emotions, so nice … great blog!

  19. Ganessa says:

    I remember writing letters to my friends way back in highschool… your post reminded the powerful effect of a letter. More personalized 🙂

  20. Mark Morfe says:

    As an aspiring writer myself, I’m sure I’ll learn a lot from this. ^_^

  21. Dust G. says:

    Awesome. This is an interesting venture. I really had a hard time writing letters until I became a Corporate Communications guy. I didn’t have any choice but to craft letters for clients. It was fun. It is fun. 🙂

  22. Roch says:

    At first I didn’t quite get why you write numerous that are open out to the public. Then I realizes that many people would also want to know how these letters are written and they’d search them through web engines.

    • Teresa Martinez says:

      I was actually surprised when an open letter I did for my other blog got consistent daily visits. It is by far my post popular post for that blog and I realized that many people are looking for posts like these. Since I love writing letters, I decided to make a blog out of it using stories I see in everyday life and find myself enjoying it very much.

  23. finajenny says:

    there is a group called the world needs more love letter. I tried to join before but since stamps are so expensive I started the random inspirational email..
    creating a blog for love letters are so really nice. I will borrow the Idea and I will try to post a love letter in my blog..

    • Teresa Martinez says:

      I looked into the site you mentioned and it is very interesting but there is the concern about the postage expenses. May be we can do this once in a while to help make other people happy.

      • finajenny says:

        I agree with that 🙂 and also I have concern on the fact that my letter might not be selected to be sent to someone else… I guess they screen it first and if your letter did not pass their standard they wont be sending it.. so much with the stamps and the time 🙂

  24. This is a new approach or style of writing in letter form, where there is an addressee, the body of the letter which contains the real life experiences made by a sender of the letter. Commendable!

  25. Reading through makes my heart throws a lot of ideas to my brain. Like “An Open Letter To the World”, or A Letter to my Fellow Filipino… This is amazing! 🙂

    • Teresa Martinez says:

      Those are good ideas for letter topics. I hope you will consider your letter here in this blog for publication.

  26. Teresa, your post made me remember those days when I write personal letters for each of my friends in high school. Digital era seems to strip letter writing (at least on a paper) off of its its former sparkle. But I’m thinking of writing a letter for myself one of these days:)

    • Teresa Martinez says:

      I thought letter writing will totally give way to text messages and cell phone calls. Fortunately, its charm remains. Writing a letter to yourself will be interesting so you can read it after 20 years or so…

  27. sef tiburcio says:

    i really thought that i am good in writing but i am wrong. i need to learn more to create good write ups!

  28. Kudos to this writing style, an innovation of relaying real life situations through a model of letter writing with an addressee and a sender or a writer. Good luck and more power to this new style of writing.

  29. finajenny says:

    i like the idea that I have been here before but still the emotion that I feel on your letters feel so fresh. I can see myself saying those words.. keep writing I would like to read more.

  30. Great! Now I know a new medium to use when expressing myself a little. And I look forward to reading your posts about things in a letter. 😀

  31. Beth says:

    Very true! Letter writing can be so beneficial in so many ways.

  32. This site is inspiring! I’m checking this now and some of the letters have interesting facts. More letters to post soon Ms.Teresa 🙂

  33. Mark says:

    Hello! I nominated your blog as one of my Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2013. I hope that you can check out my blog too, drop a comment or two, and share it to your fans and readers too. Thank you so much and I wish you all the best on this writing project.


  34. rochkirstin says:

    Hello, I’ve read the other link “Submit a Letter” and now I’m interested to know how to submit a letter. Is it by email to you or facebook message?

  35. I love writing a letter when I was a kid. I don’t why I didn’t continue it maybe because i’m too busy with school stuff but your post made me remember how I compose each every letter and with emotions.

  36. Airra Pingol says:

    i actually miss sending and receiving letters.
    its not as fast as email , but you’ll definitely feel how an extra effort was exerted.

  37. Hello mam, i also love writing,i hope i have a broad idea just like before.

  38. your blog on this is really interesting maam, i feel like im in a creative writing 101 class again in u.p i remember this was one of the writing drills our prof asked us to do. thank u for bringing memories back:”)

  39. Really interesting i will always comeback here for more 🙂

  40. Nice one ate Teresa! I would like to be a writer but I am not with the english language :). I know by some reading articles, news and blogs can help but its not easy as that. Anyway, I subscribed to your blog as a reference site for learning the english language 🙂

  41. jamdaquio says:

    This is nice!
    Yeah, letters are more meaningful.

  42. This is a good entry of a popular blog. the readers and writer put an emotions to interact with each other. Cheers!

  43. Ditas says:

    I love to write letters. I think that a person can express his thought fully with a pen and paper. Sometimes it is hard for myself to say something straight to a person’s face.

  44. I used to write letters all the time and have tons of stationery to prove it. I’m short on time since having my Litter but I just sent a handwritten note yesterday. I love giving and receiving them.

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo

  45. Debarpan says:

    This is such a great idea and I love to write letters.

  46. We are in the digital age but I still prefer pen and paper in journaling. I think writing a letter in longhand reflects our being human, our tradition.

  47. I agree that it would be a great idea to send a message through a letter but I would have a hard time thinking what to write.

  48. so glad to have stumbled upon your blog. letter writing seems to be a forgotten form nowadays. have not finished reading your posts though. but i am very moved by the raw emotions in your letters, very identifiable too. thank you for sharing them to the world…. = ))

  49. Jho Tacorda says:

    WOW! In the present age of texting and emailing letter writing has lost its limelight but I guess with the way you wrote yours many people will be inspired to write again.

  50. jhoy says:

    I love writing so much so that im very inspired of this blog.Also because this is our traditional messenger and im happy because letters are still existed to us.

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