Letter from the Forgotten Dead

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Original Photo by: hotblack

Original Photo by: hotblack


Letter from the Forgotten Dead is a fictional letter written by a forgotten dead to his loved ones, asking to remembered.

My loved ones,

It is that time of the year again when people flock to cemeteries and graveyards to visit their loved ones. The air is festive with the activities and conversations of the living but my place remains to be dead quiet. Almost everybody’s tomb has been cleaned and repainted but not mine. Is it possible that you may have forgotten me?

The first years of my death were fine. Most of you would come visit and even stay for a while. As the years went by, your presence became trickles until there was none. I believe I should not feel any emotions anymore being that my physical body has long disintegrated. I have no heart that is often associated with emotional pain because I am dead and yet there it is – the pain of being forgotten.

When I was alive, I have often heard that the dead can only be considered really dead when they are forgotten. They continue to “live” as long as they are remembered in their loved ones’ hearts and the people they have touched during their lifetimes. Have I become one of the forgotten dead? I wonder why that is.

I’ve always thought that I have done enough to be remembered at least by you. Either it wasn’t enough or something must have gone terribly wrong to prevent all of you from visiting me. But I’m sure if it was something fatal, I would have heard of it, for news in our world travels faster than in yours.

Sometimes I get the urge to visit you just to remind you that I’m waiting but I’d really rather not scare any of you. I just want you to remember even once a year when all the other departed ones are dearly remembered. I know you’re all busy that is why I just ask for one day, no, just one hour or even one minute to spare.

Make me feel that I am not forgotten. Remember me at least today. Remember me.

Forgotten Dead

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