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letter to groom from bride

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Letter of Bride to Groom is a personal letter of a woman to the man she expects to spend the rest of her life with. It expresses her fears, hopes, and love to the man she gave her heart to.


June 23, 2013

My Love,

In a few hours, we will be seeing each other at the altar, dressed to the nines, feeling like the two most special people in the world, and making a promise with our personally written wedding vows just like we planned. I am writing this now amidst the chatter and cheer of friends and relatives that have come to spend this special day with us. At the risk of smudging my well-made up face, I write to you my fears, hopes, and love.

Even having known you for many years, I still fear that we might still discover something about each other that will make us rue the day we said yes to each other. It is my hope however that we will be able to see beyond each other’s faults which I’m sure are many. Let our love help us recognize our faults and encourage us to change for the better.

I’m not sure if I can be the perfect wife to you and mother to our children. All I can promise is that I will try to be a good wife and mother as perfection is much too stressful and unattainable. Let our love be a way for us to attain perfect acceptance instead of the work and responsibility required to have a good marriage.

I cannot assure you that I will not gain weight and not have bulges at all the wrong places through time and several children. I do promise however to continually strive to become the beautiful human being you would want to spend the rest of your life with. I know my love for you will not see the baldness and protruding belly which my eyes will see, that much I can also promise.

If anyone of us gets sick, let us please take care of each other. I will try my best not to, so I can take care of you and our children so please do the same. Let our love carry us through the difficult times of sickness towards healing.

In our advanced years, let us not be cranky and impatient with each other. When our memory fails us, let our love guide us back to remembering. Let our love bring us back to this day we have made our promise to each other to be together for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in healthtill death do us part.

Your bride,

Letter Writer


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