Letter of Brother to Sister

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Original Photo by: mensatic

Original Photo by: mensatic

Letter of Brother to Sister is a candid letter of an older brother to a younger sister that speaks of how genuine sibling love can overlook petty squabbling that generally characterizes young sibling relationships.

To my little cry-baby sister,

I’ll give it to you straight. Your incessant whining is deafening to the ears. Your capricious demands based on being the younger one truly tests my patience. Your girly talk makes me want to roll up my eyes and drop dead. Your constant following embarrasses me. Even your mere presence infuriates me sometimes.

I wonder then how is it possible for me to love you when I have all the reasons to hate you.

Why is it that you grin from ear to ear when mother scolds me instead of you when we fight? When you give me that smug look of “winning” over me, it takes all my restraint not to clobber you. I hate you for that but I love you still because when you noticed you’ve gone too far and I get punished more than I deserve, you defend me and own up some mistake. You even stay with me through my punishment in being banished to my room. Sometimes, you really ain’t bad at all.

Why do you get all the attention of our parents? Even if I’m older than you, I still feel the need to be babied by them once in a while. Just when their attention is finally on me, you just need to have something done that gets their attention once again. I swear I hate you every time you do that but couldn’t help myself loving you when you ask for my help in a nice way making me feel like a real older brother or say a sincere thank you to me even when no one is listening. I have suspicions that deep inside you respect me too but I still can’t be sure.

Why do you always have something to say about how I look? It wouldn’t be half as bad if they were positive ones but girl you certainly know how to cut a person down to size. I’d probably end up an emotionally battered adult if I take everything you say seriously. You know what though? Just when I am ready to cross you out of my life forever, you suddenly go tender on me. As if on cue, you become like a small mother to me, cutting stray thread on my clothes, fixing my collar, tying my shoe, and even managing to throw in a veiled compliment somewhere in your reprimands. I am starting to entertain the thought that you actually love me after all.

Though you make it very difficult for me to do so, I do love you my little sister. Maybe in a matter of years you will become the sister that I’ve always dreamt about having. For now, we do what we are expected to do, take opposing choices, fight over TV channels, and squeal on each other to our parents. Remind me to treasure this for we will never go back this way again.

Your big brother,

Letter Writer


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Teresa Martinez

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6 Responses to “Letter of Brother to Sister”

  1. Teri says:

    I’m trying to imagine this letter being sent to me by my brother… I love my big brother T_T and I will always be a younger sister to him despite the old age. Reading this made my eyes teary…

  2. Hello teresa πŸ˜€

    I really love your concept that you prefer to write different types of letters. I am a fan of writing letters to to my love ones since it takes courage for us to write for them. By the way, I am having a hard time reading it since letters are color gray and it is hard to read I would be flattered if you change your font color to black, for us to read it easier πŸ™‚ God bless and i would love if you will have time visiting mine kenblogearn.com

  3. Aw this letter made me miss my brother. I remember when we had this fight and he apologized to me, making me cry even more. This brought so many memories!

  4. Hainrihi says:

    This is true. Even if you don’t like your sibling’s quirks, you still love him or her. I love how you have written it this way πŸ˜€ Thanks πŸ™‚

  5. Genzel says:

    Ohhh. now I miss my brother even more. I’m older than him but I remember our fighting and how much we care for each other.

  6. Karen says:

    I wonder if my brother can write a letter to me. He is too shy to do so.

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