Letter of Father to Son

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Letter of Father to Son is our letter of the month for April 2013. It speaks of a father’s pride in  a son’s accomplishment. It also speaks of encouragement, of advises, and of assurance that God will be there with him to guide him along the way.


April 27, 2013

To My Son,

At last, you finally made it! You are now a certified engineer. I now ask you as a person who has come before you to brace yourself for life’s new surprises. Move on and know that I will always be there for you. So you ask me now, “Dad, what must I expect?”  and I answer, “Just be calm son, God is always in control!”

Allow me to share my 2-cents thought that may guide you in facing life’s uncertainties. Son, life is full of wonders and you just need to open up yourself to enjoy every moment of it. Do not forget to show love to others and yourself and you will find that you are gifted each and every day. Share your talents and gifts. Do not hesitate, for now is the time to start.

Be appreciative and affectionate to those people you care about.  Express your joy through gifts in whatever form, as it wouldn’t hurt you know. A thank you note, chocolates and bouquet of flowers will be appreciated, even a hug or a smile will do.

During those times that someone may do something wrong to you, remember that forgiveness is a great virtue. Never let it slip from your heart. You will also need courage at all times. It is a vital weapon to have as you travel your road for each one carries his own cross and that could be such a heavy load.

Son, as you venture into life’s unknown avenues, carry these virtues in your heart. They will be of great help as you bring them to any place you’ll call home. Storms will come your way, but God is there to lead your way. He will light your path and you’ll never be alone.

With unending support for your hopes and dreams,

Your father


About the Guest Letter Writer:papaleng

Donald Pagulong or Papaleng in the writer’s own words:

I am just a simple man who content myself with what I have. Wealth and Fame have I not, but in my home are 4 gems that I treasure most… my loving wife and three God-fearing children.

Know more of him through his blog: Papaleng Thoughts



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Teresa Martinez

A freelance researcher-writer who has continuously been in such field for more than 10 years. Previous to that, her work experiences are in the banking, advertising, and cooperative industries. More of her work in Google+

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25 Responses to “Letter of Father to Son”

  1. Thanks dear friend for featuring my letter here. Touch naman ako . 🙂

  2. ems says:

    This one of the things parents dreamed for their children. Congratulations to you Papaleng for nurturing and bringing up your kids into a very successful individuals. I truly believe that a success of a parent can be seen by the way their children had become and how they contribute to the well being of the community.

  3. kulasa says:

    oh, this is so beautifully written…I am such a fan of Papaleng…I am sure your engineer will follow your path to simplicity and righteousness…you touched this heart on a warm evening…thank you for sharing this sis Teresa…I love A Letter Writer…:)

  4. kulasa says:

    on a lighter note…it seems my problem is my net connection at home…I don’t seem to have a problem signing in here now that I am in another place…happy blogging sis, and keep inspiring us…:)

  5. I admire Kuya Donald for being such a loving husband and father to his kids!

  6. betchai says:

    congratulations again, Donald, like what i told you already before, I am in awe and totally admire your relationship with your kids. I could tell there is so much love and respect given both ways ( you and your kids). this is such a beautiful letter, which I know your son will heed the wisdom you imparted to him. i am glad you are featuring other letter writers here, Teresa.

    • Teresa Martinez says:

      Yes, I will be featuring other letter writers every month and anyone who wants their own letters published can send their letters through “Submit a Letter”.

  7. Congratulations!!! Commencement is indeed a blessing to many, esp the parents of the graduate.

  8. msculit says:

    Congratulations for raising a kid well Kuya Papaleng. Thanks for featuring his letter Teresa. It’s an inspiration to see parents like him strive hard to give a better future for their kids.

    Ria C

    • Teresa Martinez says:

      Father and son are obviously very proud of each other. As I’ve said, it is a privilege to feature Papaleng’s letter.

  9. Algene says:

    A father will always be a daughter/son’s first hero.. No matter what 🙂

  10. Thanks for the comments and to you too Sis Teresa . I can only say “I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me”. I simply love my family, that’s all.

  11. Rovie says:

    What a touching letter from a loving father. I always know that Papaleng is a good father and a good husband to his wife.

  12. Alley says:

    Your children are so lucky to have you as their father, Papaleng. If I have a letter like this from my Dad, I’ll keep it forever. Congratulations to your son and to you who raised a good son! 🙂 God bless you more po! 🙂

    It’s nice of you for posting this letter, Ate Teresa! Thank you for sharing this letter to the virtual world!

  13. Very beautifully written. It’s one of those letters where you’d wish your son was old enough to read them so they can understand how much love, us parents, have for them. Cheers Papaleng. Thanks for this post.

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