Letter of Father to the Daughter He Left

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Letter of Father to the Daughter He Left is a personal letter of a father who abandoned his daughter for his own selfish reasons and who has come to the realization of the grave mistake he has done in doing so.


June 4, 2013

To My Daughter,

Your story on the newspaper literally sent a bolt of lightning through my veins. The small crying girl I left thirty years ago is now the picture of confidence and success as a woman who has conquered the corporate world. Apparently, you did quite excellently without me.

It is the opposite with me though. I thought I gained my freedom when I left you and your mother for a woman who caught my attention. Instead, it turned out to be a perpetual bondage to temporary relationships and fleeting romances. The once promising career I had went down the drain a long time ago, a consequence most people say of my wrong priorities in life.

I have also been battling a recurring sickness for more than a year now. My brothers and sisters have alternately been taking me under their care but I can feel the tension building up in their respective homes because of the inconvenience I may be causing their families. This is the hardest slap on my face knowing that I gave up my own family and have none to speak of now.

I saw in the picture that came with the story that you have very lovely children. The girls look very much like you when you were little. I am sure that you have succeeded in Β the area where I miserably failed and the picture of your happy family tells me that.

I know too much time has gone by for me take reasonable reparations for you and your mother. Β I don’t even know how to send this letter without looking like a father who is taking advantage of his child’s good fortune. Β In fact, I’m not even sure if this is a motive at the back of my mind especially in my present condition. Even for a “bad father” like me, admitting that could still be such an embarrassment.

No apologies can ever suffice for what I have done. For whatever it’s worth, I am so sorry for leaving you. I am sorry for wasting such a precious opportunity to be your father.

Your missing father,

Letter Writer



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Teresa Martinez

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28 Responses to “Letter of Father to the Daughter He Left”

  1. there is no words how to describe what i feel upon reading this. thanks for sharing.

  2. Ane says:

    Oh how sad. πŸ™ But at least he realized how wrong he was and he said sorry before it was too late.

  3. jheylo says:

    Each parents have their own guilts but that’s life we just have to make it up with our children and explain to them, for sure they’ll understand it. This letter is indeed a good one.

    • Teresa Martinez says:

      Many parents commit mistakes but it is one more mistake to never say sorry when given the chance. It may not be received positively but at least the child will know that the mistake has been recognized. Time will heal the wounds,

  4. Consequences to our actions is sometimes really hard but it’s good that he admits his faults.

    • Teresa Martinez says:

      The time of reckoning will always come and parents who have made wrong decisions in life will have to face that reality.

  5. Dhemz says:

    this letter made me cry…waa! it is never too late to ask for forgiveness.

  6. Oh my! This is very sad but I guess sana time heals all wounds and I know this is not going to be an easy one!

  7. g-boy says:

    oohh.. very touching letter.. the good thing is he realized his mistakes.

    • Teresa Martinez says:

      After all has been said and done, realization of mistakes and doing something to rectify those mistakes still has value.

  8. Shela says:

    This is always emotional. I just watch an article a father left his daughter and 42 years later they reunited in a hospital knowing she’s the attending nurse in hospice home her dad got cancer πŸ™ Too late but they didn’t waste the moment and forgive him! Was crying watchin it, lesson learned no matter what happened he’s still your father who give life to you! RIght. nice post

    • Teresa Martinez says:

      That is essentially how it should be although erring parents should be humble enough to ask for forgiveness from their children. The only way to rectify a wrong is to acknowledge responsibility for a mistake.

  9. This made me cry πŸ™ What a letter to read phew! Temptation is not a good thing and living alone your family for your mistress is not the humble thing to do πŸ™ I am glad that he acknowledge his wrong doing πŸ™‚ It is not too late, there might be a chance for them to meet when the right time comes πŸ™‚

    • Teresa Martinez says:

      The father needs to have the courage to make the move and ask for forgiveness if that is what he wants since he is in the better position to do so having the advantage of knowing his child.

  10. This is such a moving letter. It’s never too late though…maybe they can still get to know each other.

    • Teresa Martinez says:

      Maybe, if the father will have the courage to make the move. No results guaranteed though but at least he tried.

  11. Adin B says:

    I am so sorry, but glad he admitted his own faults. We may never be perfect, but accepting our own faults and learn from it takes a true man to do that. What a touching letter.

  12. I can feel the sense of longing and regret in this letter…how sad.

  13. It’s never too late to ask for forgiveness. But at least, the father realized his mistakes for leaving his daughter. It may not be easy for the daughter to accept him but through this letter, this may enlighten her and gradually accept him. Thanks for this letter! πŸ˜€

  14. Roch says:

    Good that he was still sorry for some fathers don’t just care about their kids at all.

    • Teresa Martinez says:

      There are some fathers who have unbelievably been able to forget their children. It is never too late to say sorry.

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