Letter of Graduate to Parents

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Original Photo by: Photoshopcop

Original Photo by: Photoshopcop

Letter of Graduate to Parents is a message of pure gratitude from a daughter to her parents who gave unwavering support all throughout.

To My Dear Parents,

Today is the day you have both set your visions on, the day when I finally take one big leap forward from education to career. As I put on my graduation gown and hold my cap, memories of the sacrifices you both made for me to reach this day filled me with unbelieving intensity. I have always known them, but actually never thought or talked much about them until today. Looking at myself now, I know I would never have made it without you behind me.

It has been an eventful 13 years for all of us. I remember it clearly now, my very first day in school that is. You were both so excited, our neighbors thought there was some major event happening that day in our house.  Mama was taking my pictures every step of the way, she almost tripped with the effort. But did she mind? No, not at all, she was too happy and excited to be disturbed by anything. Nothing can take away her joy at seeing her baby proudly walk to school.

As I grew older and advanced in school, I knew financial pressure increased but I never heard a peep from any of you complaining about my educational expenses. All you asked from me was to study hard and well. For some time, I took all your efforts for granted, accepting its fruits without even thinking what you had to go through to give me what I need. It was a good thing that I checked myself in time before I can give you a major heartache.

You did not stop at financial support. You gave everything that you can, even your emotional strength when I need it most. When my friends asked me once who my greatest inspiration was, I told them it was the two of you. Even I was taken aback at the quickness of my answer. That was when I realized that truth will always be much easier to say.

Thank you for believing that I can soar to the greatest heights without fear of falling, knowing that you will prep me up for my next flight when that happens. When you whisper to my ears that I can make it, I have no choice but to believe that indeed I can. I am emboldened by the clarity of your belief in me and I cannot do anything less.

My new job awaits me even before the tassel of my graduation cap is turned from one side to another. I owe this day to you so let me make a promise that I will take care of both of you from hereon. Allow me that privilege, grant me that joy, of giving back to two very special people who unselfishly gave until it hurt. I can never thank you enough for being my parents and so I offer this day to you.

Your grateful daughter,

Letter Writer

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  1. Aisha Kristine Chong says:

    This is such a sweet post – we all deserve to give letters like these to our parents.

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