Letter of OFW to Family in Filipino Language

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Letter of OFW to Family in Filipino Language is a personal letter by a wife and mother working abroad to her family. It is written in her native language, Filipino. The English translation is likewise provided.


May 9, 2013

Sa aking minamahal na pamilya,

Naku! Mother’s Day nanaman sa May 12, ika-apat na taon na ito na hindi ko kayo kasama. Hindi bale, nandyan naman ang Internet para magkita at mag-usap tayo. Kaya lang iba pa rin, di ba?

Nag-order na ako online kaya may darating na pagkain sa inyo dyan sa araw na yun. Tulad ng dati, magsa-Skype tayo ha para habang kumakain kayo, parang kasama nyo na rin ako.  Kuwentuhan nyo ako ng mga nangyari sa inyo, kahit ano, pakikinggan ko, basta makita ko lang kayong masaya at marinig ang mga boses ninyo. Ok lang ako sa isang donut at isang basong tubig ko, tutal nakakabusog namang makausap kayo.

Papa, ingatan mo nga bata, bantayan mo silang mabuti, alam mo namang ikamamatay ko kung may mangyari sa kanila. Kuya, tulungan mo Papa mo. Huwag na masyadong punta ng punta sa computer shop at kung saan-saan pa. Hayaan mo, mabibili rin kita ng laptop. Ate, bantayan mo mga nakababata mong kapatid. Dagdagan mo na lang muna pasensya sa kanila. Sa dalawa kong bunso, tumigil na kayo ng away ng away. Nalulungkot si Mama pag nalalaman kong ganyan kayo.

Gawin nyo na lang ito para kay Mama. Natatakot ako minsan na mag-ala Claudine Barretto kayo sa pelikula nyang “Anak”. Yung bang susumbatan nyo ako pag-uwi ko galing sa ibang bansa kasi matagal akong nawala sa piling nyo. Sana huwag nyo gawin sa akin yun kasi hirap na hirap talaga ang kalooban ko sa paglalayo natin.

Mga anak, nagbabayad lang ng mga utang si Mama. Tapos, mabibili ko na yung mga gusto nyo. Kapag nakaipon na ako, uuwi na ako para magkasama-sama na tayo muli. Ipangako nyo na hihintayin nyo ako at mamahalin pa rin katulad ng pagmamahal na ipinakita nyo sa akin noong ako’y umalis upang magtrabaho sa ibang bansa. Ito lamang ang pangako na puwede kong panghawakan para malagpasan ko ang pagsubok na ito.

Mula sa nagmamahal na asawa at ina,

Letter Writer


May 9, 2013

To my dear family,

It’s Mother’s Day once again on May 12. This will be the fourth year I will  not be spending this day with you. No matter, there is always the Internet although it isn’t really quite the same, isn’t it.

I have already placed an order online so all of you can expect special food delivery for that day. Like in the past years, we will communicate through Skype so it would feel like I am there eating with you. Tell me stories, tell me anything and I will listen as long as I see all of you happy and hear your voices. Don’t mind me as I eat my doughnut and drink water, talking with all of you is filling enough for me.

To my husband, please take care of our children. You know I’ll die if anything bad happens to them. To my eldest son, please help your father. Minimize your trips to the computer shop. In time, I will be able to buy for you your own laptop. To my eldest daughter, please take care of your younger siblings. Have more patience for them. To my two youngest children, try not to fight anymore with each other. You know how sad Mama gets when I hear stories like this.

Please do these for Mama. I’m afraid that one of these days, you might do a “Claudine Barretto act” on me based on her role in the movie “Anak”. You know, the part where she  blames her mother for being away for so long because she had to work abroad. Please do not do that to me. I am now suffering so much as it is being away from all of you.

My children, Mama will just pay her debts to other people. After, I will be able to buy you the things you want. When I am able to save enough, I will go home and we will all be together once again. Please promise me you’ll wait for me and still love me like the day I left all of you to work in another land. That is the only promise I can hold on to so I can make it through this difficult time.

From a loving wife and mother,

Letter Writer



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Teresa Martinez

A freelance researcher-writer who has continuously been in such field for more than 10 years. Previous to that, her work experiences are in the banking, advertising, and cooperative industries. More of her work in Google+

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35 Responses to “Letter of OFW to Family in Filipino Language”

  1. Franc Ramon says:

    This is very realistic letter and applicable to most Families with OFWs abroad. It’s the guidance that’s missing in exchange of better pay.

  2. miguel says:

    I didn’t realize that I was crying already. hahaha… T.T

    • Teresa Martinez says:

      An OFW’s life away from his or her family can really be depressing, that is why it can be very heart-wrenching to read their letters.

  3. As an OFW parent, I have never sent gifts for my daughter through online delivery.
    That is a new idea for me to surprise my daughter.

    • Teresa Martinez says:

      Online orders for delivery of anything is just one way OFWs try to compensate for their absence but clearly it will never be as good as being together.

  4. marrimye says:

    What an inspiring true-to-life letter. Every word is real… and I can somehow relate to this story though it’s my father who was constrained to work abroad but that was decades ago when I was still in high school. Only communications in letters and phone (through neighbor’s phone) back then… no SKYPE and online chatting yet.

    The letter writer is truly a mother of courage and sacrifice, I can hardly see myself in her situation.

    • Teresa Martinez says:

      I cannot fathom the real depth of loneliness of OFW-mothers and I’m sure that the words in this letter provide but a glimpse of the sacrifices they go through.

  5. ang hirap maging OFW lalo na’t ikaw ay isang ina nga walang ibang paraan mae-raos ang mga anak sa kahirapan kundi mangibang bansa. Ang pagiging ina ay isa sa pinaka magandang propesyon sa buhay dahil hinuhubog mo ang isip ang pag uugali ng isang bata.

    • Teresa Martinez says:

      Wala na nga sigurong hihigit pa sa pagdurusa ng isang ina na kailangang mawalay sa kanyang pamilya.

  6. dyacky says:

    Nakakaiyak to. This is the true story of mothers abroad! Kudos to them, Happy Mothers day po.

  7. Pal Raine says:

    I love reading this kind of a letter. Very inspiring and it gives lesson too! The modern day communication really helps our KABABAYAN who are living and working abroad. Their presence may not be seen in person(I mean actual) but the thoughts that they want to convey to us really matters. Happy Mother’s Day Ms. Teresa.

    • Teresa Martinez says:

      Modern technology somehow help ease the loneliness of OFWs in being away from their families. Happy Mother’s Day Pal!

  8. I feel emotional pero napangiti ako sa ng nagmentioned sya ng about kau Claudine :). Updated si mommy.

    • Teresa Martinez says:

      Humor is something inherent in Filipinos even in dire situations but always behind that humor are truths and fears they keep in their hearts.

  9. teary eyed while im reading this. Ever since i started living overseas i’ve been hanging out with ofw’s All the hardworks and sacrifice is just amazing! Indeed its very hard for them to be so far away looking after other people’s kids too while their own kids is back in the philippines and lonely and no mother or father to be with. This is very sad. Kudos to al the OFW’s and this blog too!

    • Teresa Martinez says:

      Thanks. We need letters like this to remind OFW families how much sacrifice is being given just to provide them a good life.

  10. pehpot says:

    thank goodness for online stores and local deliveries! and also for skype.. now those working abroad can celebrate occasions and special evens with their family 🙂

  11. nuts says:

    sigh! this is really very touching and this only represents the many OFWs working hard for the family. I remember the movie Anak and I can feel how Vilma, who played the OFW mom, felt after the sumbat from Claudine.

    • Teresa Martinez says:

      For most people working abroad because of necessity, it can be a classic case of “damned if you do, damned if you don’t”.

  12. Badet says:

    I can feel the pain of the mother in this letter, even if she tells a joke, it can’t hide the sadness from her letter.

  13. it takes a lot of courage to leave ones country and family to work in another country.

  14. I can’t imagine myself leaving my children with my relatives if I have chosen to pursue my career abroad. Maybe I will be one of the many OFWs who long so much for their family in times of loneliness.

    • Teresa Martinez says:

      I must admit I am not the OFW type for I will probably die of loneliness so I will have to really commend OFWs.

  15. I can relate to this mom’s story. There was a time when either our Nanay or Tatay had to leave the country to work because there’s nothing for them to do here to be able to support us, their children. Those were the saddest moments for us, but those days are gone, and I’m glad they are, because finally, our family is complete.

  16. This is such a touching letter!

  17. As a daughter of an OFW, I can still feel the pain in this letter. Kahit hindi ako ang nagpapakahirap doon, alam ko nahihirapan sila dahil gusto lang nila maibigay ang lahat para sa mga minamahal nila.

    • Teresa Martinez says:

      It is not easy to be an OFW. The courage and determination one needs to survive away from family is really something.

  18. kc says:

    The story is very touching i read this all day it’s been a 2 years since i read this again

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