Letter of Runaway Bride to Groom

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runaway bride

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Letter of Runaway Bride to Groom is a letter of a woman about to be married who decides not to go on with the wedding and is unable to face her groom-to-be to tell him herself.


October 19, 2013

To my almost groom,

I did it. I did the unthinkable. I did the unforgivable. I left today at the spur of the moment with you probably patiently waiting for me at the altar.

There is no doubt in my  mind that this is not simply a classic case of cold feet. I am sorry to admit that I have been living a lie all this time in making you believe that I want to get married to you. I am doubly sorry for choosing this time to end this lie, under circumstances which will subject you to much pain and embarrassment.

No, there is no one else. There has never been anyone else but you. But in truth, I was more in love with the thought that I was in love more than I was with you. I thought that feeling was something I needed to make me complete. For a while, it served its purpose for having someone special made me feel good about myself.

As our relationship progressed to a more serious level which entailed talks about commitment and responsibility, I started feeling unsure about us. I have to admit that marriage talks scared me but I thought the fear will be overshadowed by the excitement of the wedding preparations. You gave me everything  just as I’ve always imagined it – a romantic marriage proposal, an expensive engagement ring, and a fairy tale wedding, well almost that is  if I just allowed you.

When I say now that you did nothing wrong and I am the only one to blame for this, it is not to patronize you. It is simply to say an obvious truth. I have no justification for running away from you at our wedding day. At this very moment, even I hate myself.

At the risk of being accused of playing with words, I need you to remember something. Although I did not love you enough to fulfill my promise to you to be together forever, I do love you enough to spare you the pains of a one-sided marriage. I have been selfish long enough and to continuously deprive you of the opportunity to find the woman who will truly reciprocate your love, is something I shouldn’t be doing and shouldn’t have done in the first place.  Late as it may be now, I know that a man so good and loving as you will find the right woman.

I know I should have said something earlier. I should not have allowed my indecisiveness to become such a public spectacle. You will be facing the bewildered guests on your own while I cowardly run away to safety.  Someday I hope you will find it in your heart to forgive me. I understand if it will take long for that to happen. All I ask is that it happens in time. There is nothing else I dare ask from you.


Wishing you real happiness after the pain I’ve caused you,

Your Runaway Bride



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