Letter of Sister to Estranged Brother

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Letter of Sister to Estranged Brother is a personal letter of a sister to her brother who has become alienated in sibling affection brought upon by life circumstances which they both find themselves in.


To My Brother,

Do you still remember how we were during our childhood days? Being next to you in birth order and of different gender, we usually do not agree with each other’s views.  Your choices were unthinkable to me.  Clearly, mine was to you as well.

I’ve always thought of you as being too boastful for your own good.  Gosh, I even thought at some point that you became narcissistic.  The rest of us (me and our other siblings) would actually laugh off your behavior, as you were of course our brother.

As we grew older, we learned to accept each other and were able to tolerate each other’s faults.  We actually had shining moments in our sibling relationships.  We actually found it in ourselves to help each other in times of trouble.

That is until we found ourselves taking extreme stands on a family issue…

No longer children but full-grown adults, we made serious decisions and spoke serious accusations. We judged each other, each failing miserably on the eyes of the other. Our sibling tie broke and has not been mended since.

I will not lie and say that I have been the happiest person since our rift started.  In fact, fighting with family is probably the loneliest choice to make.  I have my reasons and you have yours.

I have mellowed a lot since our fight started.  Whereas before I thought of revenge for the perceived wrong you have done, now I only seek clarity of mind for both of us. It has been said that blood is thicker than water. I hope that will prove true to us in time.

Hoping for reconciliation before time runs out on us.

Your sister,

Letter Writer



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Teresa Martinez

A freelance researcher-writer who has continuously been in such field for more than 10 years. Previous to that, her work experiences are in the banking, advertising, and cooperative industries. More of her work in Google+

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27 Responses to “Letter of Sister to Estranged Brother”

  1. rochkirstin says:

    Ohhh is still based on a true life’s story? How personal. Your letters seem to reflect on typical families’ fights and relationships.

    • Teresa Martinez says:

      Reality contains parallelisms in stories of people. There may be some differences but the essence is basically the same.

  2. Awww, this one is really touching. Reconciliation (and not revenge) is indeed the best way to fix things up with a family member.

    P.S. Those kittens are sooo cute!

    • Teresa Martinez says:

      Reconciliation is really the best option but sometimes it simply cannot be had unless issues are cleared out.

  3. Mitch Ryan says:

    Time heals all wounds. Whatever it is that happened in the past with time will soften hardened heart and give way to forgiveness.

  4. Gosh, I can so relate to this situation. My bro has been a mom’s pet and I hate it because he doesn’t work anymore and stayed in his comfort zone and when difficulties would come it’s always me who would battle in the frontline. Hence, I’m no nice sister to him…. which this gives me an idea… why not write a letter too.. 🙂

    • Teresa Martinez says:

      Parental favoritism sometimes get in the way of good sibling relationship. A letter may work just to start the process of reconciliation if talking with him directly is too difficult.

  5. It’s sad when things don’t go too well with relatives. I hate being in that kind of predicament as I value family greatly. Sometimes, we just have to swallow our pride and do the first move.

    Ria C

  6. Travel Quest says:

    Very inspiring I am very close with my siblings. I’m the youngest but definitely not the spoiled one he he. I do believe misunderstanding happens in any relationship but as you said no matter what the problem is theres always a reconcilation.

  7. Mhie@smarlk says:

    I agree with you fighting with the family is loneliest choice to make. Its better to lie low and get some air and wait for the right time were every one is in good spirit.

    • Teresa Martinez says:

      As they say, it is better to fight with someone who is not connected by blood since unrelated “enemies” can simply go their own ways. Not so with family…

  8. I can relate to this one. I has some misunderstand with my younger sister a month so ago. I can’t described how I felt that day. But thanks to God, for He always supplies me with wisdom and patience.

  9. kulasa says:

    A touching very well written letter sis, as always you have put into words what others are wanting to say….I am proud to say my only brother and I have never had a serious adulthood fight….those who have experienced the pain of having differences with siblings will benifit a lot from this post…will share it to friends….:)

  10. MC Calunsod says:

    The worst fight I could ever have is same as this post- fight with family. Everyone can relate to this article but no matter what, family will always be family.

  11. sibling fight/misunderstanding has always never been easy. pride always come into the middle making forgiveness too impossible. i had several misunderstanding with my brother, it pains me a lot. all the more pain i got seeing how parents got affected by the feud. the road to reconciliation is long and hard. not if we open our hearts and let forgiveness come in. it shall thaw up all issues.

    • Teresa Martinez says:

      There is no perfect sibling relationship.You are right that forgiveness holds the key to reconciliation.

  12. Cheerful says:

    for me, i am sure having a fight with anyone is always sad, specially with a family member…i only have one brother and we had fair share of misunderstanding that resulted for not talking in a month (nothing serious, actually, i just felt bad because he broke up with his 6 years gf whom our family, my parents love already), thanks God we are so ok now….that brought him visiting me here in Bkk. hehehe! well, i am sure in time, it will be fine…and i so agree, blood is thicker than water! 🙂

    • Teresa Martinez says:

      Fights that occur within families are more hurting because these are people who are naturally inclined to support each other and not go against each other.

  13. Lainy says:

    I can so much relate to this as I have two younger brothers. I’d like to believe the adage that blood is indeed thicker than water. No matter what the circumstances are, at the end of the day, family ties will always bring siblings together. Nothing can match filial love as proven by experience. No matter how many fights my brothers get into, we end up settling the issue in one way or the other.

  14. Lisa Taft says:

    Recently, I have had to come to the realization that I will never be reconciled with my most of my siblings. Our close family is forever divided and, and as it is with death, gone ’till we meet in heaven. I chose to write a letter of goodbye to my two younger brothers of whom I grew up with in order to regain some control of this sad situation. My letters told of loving them always and how I have such wonderful memories of growing up together. These memories are now treasures in my heart and I told them so. There were no remarks at all about the problems that separated us since we are no longer anything but strangers. There is no purpose to site differences or reasons for this or that. It is over so there is no need to give any focus or energy to what was/is wrong. They now know that I will cherish them forever and that when we were together it was truly a good part of my life. I will not sully those memories with any controversy. I can finally feel who I am again and that is who I was when we were together in family. Leave them with the love you had and have. That is life continuing.

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