Letter of Teacher to Graduates

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Original Photo by: jmiltenburg

Original Photo by: jmiltenburg


Letter of Teacher to Graduates is a heartfelt message of a mentor who hopes that she has done good in her role of molding students to attain their maximized potential.

To My Dear Graduating Students,

Looking at most of you now, I honestly don’t know whether to feel sad or happy knowing that this may be the last time I will see you as I’ve always known you – young, carefree, and forever dreaming. As you enter the more complicated stage of adulthood, I can only hope that I played a role in preparing each of you for it. I have always known that my duty as a teacher goes beyond academics and I thank all of you for allowing me at some point to be your parent, your model, your friend.

The joy that I feel in seeing you graduate to another phase of your life is indescribable. The pain of parting is sometimes unbearable especially to those of you who made me part of your school family. A teacher’s role is not to hamper the development of her students but rather to pave the way for it.

Soon, some of you will be doctors saving lives and healing the sick.  Others will be lawyers who will assist people in their quest for justice. A handful will be building infrastructure and houses to benefit the country and the people. I distinctively remember at least two of you aiming for the show business limelight and I have no doubts that you will make it.  For all of you, I will be your most ardent cheerleader, whatever vocation you choose.

We may meet someday when I’m a lot older. I’m hoping that you will still remember. Nothing can make a teacher like me prouder than to see your eyes gleam with recognition, to hear your voice with the sense of respect for me intact…many,many years from now. I will listen to your accomplishments and challenges with pride, knowing that I was part  of your preparation to face real life. For to hear you tell of such struggles and see you survive it is enough proof that I have helped prepare you well.

For now, your graduation day, I congratulate all of you in reaching one of the most important milestones in your lives. I sincerely wish each and everyone of you the best of what life and the future has to offer. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to teach and guide you. It is a privilege that not all people can lay claim to.

Your teacher,

Letter Writer

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2 Responses to “Letter of Teacher to Graduates”

  1. Rose says:

    this is one of the perfect message of a teacher to students. My special thanks to the author. God bless you always.

  2. Dana Riley says:

    Than you for helping me send something home that means a lot to the students.

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