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anniversary quotes

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Letter of Wife to Her Husband is our Letter of the Month of May. It speaks of  a wife’s love and appreciation for her husband who has traveled with her for fifteen years and how she looks forward to the many more years ahead, up to the time that it will just be the two of them once again.


May 11, 2013

To my husband,

I am not a perfect wife, I know. I make mistakes, lots of them. We have our rows over big and small things, even inconsequential matters such as who gets to open the front door from our trip to the grocery store. Still, we never cease to laugh at silly little things until we end up clutching our sides from the mirthful exertion.

If you have already stopped counting, let me remind you, it’s been fifteen years since that day we promised to cherish each other, to love and to hold, to nourish and to nurture until the Grim Reaper decides to pry us apart.

The kids are growing up fast, so fast that the day they choose to leave the house to chase their dreams and carve their own destinies frightens me. At the same time, however, it’s something I anticipate. In my heart of hearts, after all the love and encouragement we’ve showered them with, I would like to know how they’ll fare. With flying colors – I hope.

We both know we can’t hold our children back, and when all three of them are on their own, there will be no one left but you and me. There will be no more laughing over Sponge Bob’s antics, or eyes rolling over Justin Bieber’s on-and-off relationship with Selena Gomez. There will be no more endless keyboard pounding in the race to top spot in some whatever-it’s-called Y8 game the kids play. There will be no more bickering or shouting matches over who gets to use the computer first on an otherwise peaceful Sunday morning.

But yes, God willing, there will still be you and me – me snuggling comfortably by your side as I struggle to understand how blades, motors and vehicle engines work. Or wincing and trying not to look at the TV screen while John Cena is being beaten to a pulp. Or me chattering endlessly about work and experiences I’ve had with former classmates I haven’t seen in years while you listen silently, or until I stop because you have already started snoring.

We’ve had quite a run. Fifteen years, nowadays, is a feat. And I look forward to spending another fifteen years of my life with you.

Thank you for the love and the friendship. Happyanniversary!

Your wife


About the Guest Letter Writer:Maricel and Pete

Maricel Rivera is a wife, mother, financial researcher and freelance writer rolled into one.

A little too many hats to wear on a daily basis, but with a supportive family and the firm belief that God is watching every step of the way, she manages to do just fine.

Know more of her through her blog: Career Mom Online



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