Letter to a Mother I Never Knew

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Letter to a Mother I Never Knew is a personal letter of a grown-up child to her biological mother who left her for unknown reasons.


May 4, 2013


Just last week, the woman who I grew up knowing as my mother told me that I was an adopted child. I felt her anguish in having to tell me such a fact but we all knew for quite some time now that she had no choice. Talks about my real identity were just too blatant to ignore.

In a way, I was grateful that she did finally tell me what I believe I have always known in my heart. For all her goodness and love, I knew you were somewhere out there living your life without me. My adoptive mother doesn’t have a clue on who you are and why you had to leave me in an orphanage right after giving birth to me.

I have been blessed in having my adoptive family and wonder if you have been equally blessed with people who truly love you.  Tell me something though, were you a teenage mother who freaked out on the responsibility of having a child? Were you the other woman who destroyed a marriage and then left me? Were you a beleaguered woman in some unknown scenario who had to make the supreme sacrifice of giving me up or did you simply saw me, your child as a burden and obstacle to your dreams and ambitions?

I guess I will never know the answer unless you decide to suddenly walk back into my life and tell me. I am way past the hurt and pain of knowing that my own mother gave me up. A small part of me just want to know why you had to do it.

Being a mother now, I cannot imagine giving up my own child even at the threat of death.You had your reason and I cannot judge you for that. In case we don’t meet in this lifetime, know that I have forgiven you. That is the least I can do for the wonderful life I have now.

The child you never knew,

Letter Writer



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Teresa Martinez

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4 Responses to “Letter to a Mother I Never Knew”

  1. Oh Tess! I can’t help but shed a tear on this one. Praying that as you process your emotions that God will ever be so gracious to send you comfort and make you see the light of things that you might not have seen if you were not in your circumstance. And if God wills it, that you may meet your biological mom. God bless your heart! (((hugs)))

    • Teresa Martinez says:

      Hi Jen, I will pass on your message and hugs to the real person concerned. Thanks very much.

  2. Sad yet sweet. As a mother, I also can’t imagine ever leaving my child in the care of another person, never knowing how he would grow. But her mother really had a compelling reason for that. No one knows for sure but her. God bless the writer of this letter.

    • Teresa Martinez says:

      People are sometimes put in situations they wouldn’t want if they had a choice but still we have to remember that there will always be other people who will be affected by our decisions.


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