Letter to Editor – Total Fitness Letter of the Month

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Total Fitness Magazine

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Letter to Editor is an example of a typical letter of reader to a publication which turned out to be a winning letter.

I received an unexpected bonus in my love for letter writing when I won the  Total Fitness Magazine Letter of the Month March 2013.  I sent this letter last year, long before the conceptualization of this blog.  For the effort (almost none really), I was given P 5000 worth ofSassa swimwear and active-wear products.  To say that I am thrilled is an understatement.  I am beyond ecstatic for having probably one of the simplest letter I wrote in my life acknowledged and then rewarded.

This is the full text of my letter as it appeared in the magazine:


Dear Total Fitness,

For a busy mother like me who almost finds it impossible to provide time for myself, much more keep fit, reading is a passion I have been able to preserve. I read almost anything I can get my hands on. By chance, while visiting a friend, I got hold of a copy of one of your older issues and read articles that encourage me to strive more to better take care of myself. I hope to get better at it while I get more chances to read your magazine.

Keep up the good work.

Teresa Martinez

Quite a simple, short letter, isn’t it? Why was it chosen above the many others? I am guessing it was because it came across as genuine and straightforward. No fuss nor frills, just a statement of the benefit derived by a reader from reading the magazine. I believe that companies appreciate it when consumers provide them relevant feedback.

I rarely write letters like this. In fact, this is the first time I sent a Letter to Editor to a publication. This is definitely a very good initial experience.


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