Letter to Johnnie Walker

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Letter to Johnnie Walker is our letter of the month of August. It speaks of a man determined to lead a new life after taking to the bottle to nurse a heartbreak.


August 1. 2013

Dear Johnnie Walker,

Hey Johnnie. How’s it going? It’s been a long time. Actually, not really. We were just together last night. But the hang-over’s killing me it’s like all the clocks and watches at my house stopped ticking.

Thank you for hanging out with me last night. As usual, we had a good time. It’s funny that you have this personal motto, “Keep walking.” But every time we hang out for hours, that’s the last thing I can ever do. I have to be airlifted just to get home.

I wrote you a letter because I have something important tell you. I was supposed to tell you this before we hang out last night, but I don’t want to be a party pooper. And I know, it’s so gay for me to write you a hand-written letter in this day and age, but I guess you have experienced worse from your other friends. I even heard of stories of people spooning you as they sleep. I guess it was very awkward for you especially that they’re dudes too.

But can you blame them? You were a very good friend to all of us. You’re always there to listen to whatever we have to say. You’re just there quietly and patiently listening to my exaggerated stories, or my rants about the world and more recently, me having to cope with a broken heart. You were just there, dude. You never left me as I expose my litanies of angst. You just sat there and consoled me. And you have this special gift, when you try to console me, I forget all my problems and I suddenly feel good. Too good that the world seems to be spinning. Too good that I am so filled with happiness that I can’t drive home.

You are also a good wing man. Dude, together, we can get any girl’s number. No need for special moves. We just hang out with any girl and after an hour of conversation, we can already say “mission accomplished.” You are very good at this, because you always make me look good in front of other ladies. They believe the tall tales I tell them, they suddenly see me as a cool person, they already think that I’m hot. I don’t know how that happened, so be honest with me Johnnie, do you practice voodoo magic? Did your family, the Walkers, came from a tribe from South America who practices voodoo? But Walker doesn’t sound South American. It sounds Scottish to me. Or maybe the real spelling of your last name is Wal’ker? That makes more sense.

But wherever you may come from, you were always there for me. You’re always there by the bar waiting for me. As I pass through the bouncer, I see you right away sitting behind the bartender. I see you excited to see me. Even if I’m just at home and I need to confront my demons, you’re more than willing to join me at home too. When I go to the nearest 7-11 to buy my fix, you’re there behind the storekeeper. You’re everywhere, aren’t you?

You also introduced me to some of your cool friends. This one friend of yours, Jack Daniels, he is just hilarious. You remember the time we hanged-out together? It was just me, you and Jack. Remember that? Because honestly, I can’t. When I woke up, I was already in the hospital. Doctors said I suffered a mild case of amnesia. I had bruises all over, but I don’t remember why. Must have been a wild night. To be honest, when I went home from the hospital with a throbbing headache, I swore I’ll never hang out with both of you at the same time.

I also went out with your other friends. Thanks for introducing them to me. Bailey’s is cool if I feel like coffee nights. And this friend of yours from Mexico, what’s his name again? I don’t seem to remember his name because he always calls himself as “El Hombre.” Talk about machismo, right? Calling yourself as “The Man” translated in Mexican? But yeah, he’s crazy too.

Anyway, thanks really for all that you have done to me. But the real reason why I write you this letter is because I have to tell you that I need to stop hanging out with you. I’m sorry man, but I need to do this. Hanging out with you every night, although fun, already took its toll on me. I was just fired the other day from my work because I always miss work. If I do report to work, I am always late and I’m like a zombie with a missing brain the whole day.

And let’s face it, hanging out with you costs me much. You’re just high maintenance dude. I admit, when I was short on cash, I started hanging out with your Chinese friends, Tan Duay and Siok Tong. They weren’t fun as you are (and Jack), but sometimes I have no choice.

But the biggest reason I have to stop hanging out with you is that because I need to move on with my life. I know you were there for me during my low times, but I can’t be stuck on my low points my whole life. I need to stand up, and move on. I need to let go of the pains of my past and collect myself so that I can progress with my life. Yes, you were a big help, but I know you’re just a temporary fix. You can’t be my lifelong companion, because I won’t have a life in the first place.

And you remember the original reason we started hanging out? Yes, you remember her? She has moved on with her life and she is now truly happy. I need to do the same now.

I hope you understand. Together, we were indeed Batman and Robin. But as you well know, the dynamic duo is from imaginary land. And we, we’re from reality. Reality is a place where consequences and regrets are truly real. We can escape from time to time, but in the end, reality is a bitch. She will catch up with us.

So, I have to move on. Wish me luck, bro. But don’t worry, we’ll still see each other, maybe on birthdays or other special occasions. I’m looking forward to those days, so don’t be a stranger, okay?

So, ‘til then, friend? Wish me luck.

Your drinking pal



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4 Responses to “Letter to Johnnie Walker”

  1. Why is it that people always turn to alcohol if they have something in their chest, especially heart problems? Will it be easier to just move on with your life and be happy?

    • Teresa Martinez says:

      People have different ways of dealing with hurts and pains. Many tend to be self-destructive while undergoing extremely trying circumstances. Moving on may take more time for others.

  2. One of the best letters I’ve read so far. There is so much character, emotion and story in this. ♥

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