Letter to Kids on First Day of School

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first day of school letter

Letter to Kids on First Day of School is a letter of encouragement, love, and assurance from a parent to his/her child who will encounter challenges in school.

To my kids on the first day of school,

Today marks the start of a new school year – a chance for new accomplishments and challenges as well. As you walk out our door, I want you to remember some things and remember them well. These will help you survive, if not triumph, over the unexpected setbacks that school life brings. It may be very difficult at times, but overcoming the hurdles will make you stronger.

When you are burdened with expectations and competition, just remember to do your best. You will not be a lesser being by not being first place but you might be, even in your own eyes if you surrender before even trying. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, I cannot ask for anything more than your best. Regardless of the result, that is enough, YOU are enough.

When someone attempts to break you physically or emotionally, stand your ground. You are not less important than them, regardless of the reason why they see you as a target.  Handle them with courage and understanding as there is something going wrong with their lives, and not yours. Let me know if you need help. Report to proper school authorities and do it fast if threatened with harm.

When you are being pressured to do wrong by peers, ignore them. Better yet, stay away from them. They are not good for you. They cannot be considered true friends if they are willing to risk your well-being just for a few minutes of misguided fun. There will be other friends that will come your way and when you find the right ones, stick with them, as they will play an important role in your growing up years.

When you feel alone because of your convictions, do not despair. Vindication may come at a later time but it will, if you have chosen with your heart and mind. Trust in yourself and know that we will always be not far behind, looking out for you, no matter how old we get.

In school, you are on your own, but before things become unbearable for whatever reason, run to me and do not hesitate. I will always be your parent defending you when you are right and guiding you when you are wrong. That is a promise.

With much love,


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