Letter to Letter Writers

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Letter to Letter Writers confirms that the Art of Letter Writing is not dead and continues to flourish under the hands of people who choose the power of the written word to communicate.


To My Fellow Letter Writing Enthusiasts,

They say the art of letter writing is dying, if not already dead. Some say it is a lost art. Where it supposedly went, they can only speculate.

Letter Writing has always been with us and is still with us, just waiting for people to rediscover what it feels to pour out real emotions on paper. Letter Writers are brave because we are willing to go on record. Letters can be kept for many, many years, ready to be reread by the recipient for assurance, solace, or even to be made accountable for a promise. That is why taking the trouble to write a letter speaks much of the value of the recipient because of the commitment involved.

We do not skimp on words but rather revel on the beauty of its use. We do not care much for shortcuts as we do pretty much of that in other areas of our lives. We know our letters can send love, hope, joy and the hard truth. As such, we do not waste the opportunity to touch a person’s life through the written word.

Our present world is so engrossed with doing everything in great speed including in communicating with one another. We text, email, or call from anywhere using our mobile phones. I admit these are all very convenient and serve the purpose of sending the intended message but most of the time they fail to convey the exact feeling that should have come with it. These messages are easily erased, deleted, unsent, and worst of all, denied.

Nothing, nothing beats the intimacy of letters. It begins with getting the pen and choosing the paper to write on. The start of the letter is usually the hardest but after some sentences, words flow easier from heart, to mind, to hand. We seal the letter in a carefully chosen envelope, paste a stamp on it, and mail it at the nearest post office. Then the journey of the letter begins from Letter Writer, sending a part of himself or herself, to recipient.

And so we continue to write letters, oblivious of the rebuke we get from  non-letter writers, knowing that it is their loss and not ours when they refuse to try. We actually get to “feel” the letter, not merely being content with cryptic messages that are easily misunderstood. It is personal, the way letters should be.

Long Live Letter Writing!

Letter Writer

P.S. I used to think that I was alone in the joy of letter writing until I created this blog. The comments and encouragements I continue to receive are truly heart-warming. The latest confirmation I got that there is a place for Letter Writing  in the online world is the news that I received recently that this blog – A Letter Writer, made it to the list of finalists being considered for the Fiction and Literature Category for Bloggys 2015- Philippine Blogging Awards. I feel truly thankful.

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  1. So true that nothing beats the intimacy of a letter as well as the sweetness of a poem. I wish that the kids of today still knew those kind of things. What do you think?

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