Letter to Mr. Scavenger

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Original Photo by: Alvimann

Original Photo by: Alvimann

Letter to Mr. Scavenger is a letter submitted by a budding letter writer which poses the important question of why some have so much while others have none.

To you Mr. Scavenger,

I saw you once or twice this month, on top of that pile of garbage you stand. Your face covered with dirt, your eyes I cannot see. That was 1 AM and you’re still on the filthy road. Hoping you’d find enough to buy some food or rather find some food in that heap of trash.

You don’t have to say it. I know how you feel.Everyday is a struggle. Each moment is a test. I can only guess that it must feel like hell on this Earth. Human beings are not supposed to live through this degrading experience, but you do, each and every day.

Who is responsible for this messy life? Who should be blamed for this tear-stained existence? Can the droplets of rain cleanse the pain? Can your scars from this man-made deprivation still heal through time?

How could someone have so many houses while others have none? How could someone have so many clothes when others barely have tattered threads to go by? How could someone hold daily feasts when others have to make do with the refuse thereafter? Why is this even allowed to happen?

You are one brave man Mr. Scavenger. With all those trials, you still stand up tall and strong. You are a warrior and I bow to your strength. You manage to live a clean life without infecting your soul amidst the disease-ridden stench you rummage through.

Hang on there. Just don’t let your hopes go even if you feel so tired of this all. Life is full of unlimited possibilities. You can always challenge your fate.

I cannot say a lot more words cause I’m sure you already know. That behind this dark cold night, there’s this sunny morning that promises hope and chances. You are far bigger than who you think you are, dear Scavenger. Believe in yourself.
Just a Friendly Pal,

Letter Writer

About the Guest Letter Writer

Our guest letter writer is Locel Alfaro. She describes herself as a twenty something girl who’s currently working in the corporate arena. According to her, she finds writing a liberating art.


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