A Letter To My Fellow Voters

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openletterhalalan2016A Letter to My Fellow Voters is an open letter addressed to Filipinos who will be making a crucial decision tomorrow on Elections Day.


To My Fellow Voters,

We are living in tempestuous times. From Day 1 of the Election period, lines have been drawn between family, friends, and associates according to the political candidate supported. While this is a natural occurrence in highly divisive  exercises such as an election, I believe that most animosities could have been prevented if we are able to erase to illusion that inhabits our minds that we are more equipped than others to make a wise decision.

The danger in this line of thinking is that we allow ourselves to believe that we and only we are able to make the right choice. In so doing, we are left with no patience for the views of others, sometimes leading us to belittle them or attack them. We must remember that every vote, yes even the “bought” ones, is a product of personal experiences. A person can be publicly supporting a candidate to survive the pressure (perceived or actual) but that never guarantees the name that will be written on the ballot. We all make our decisions based on a reason regardless of their validity.

Your vote is as important as mine. No one has the right to represent me based on my religion, my line of work, nor my intellectual quotient. Insults and dirty maneuverings can only go so far in terms of turning the tide in favor of a political candidate. To me, the best convincing factor, if any voter should need it, is the action of the person doing the convincing. It is so difficult to discern who the best candidate is especially with all the mudslinging happening all around. At the rate it is going, no candidate will come out perfect and unscathed. There is no question about it. It is brutal.

It is very obvious that we will not have a majority president. It can be difficult to see beyond the persona which every candidate has presented to us. So I look at their supporters and only consider when I see something good. To my mind, if that candidate can wield his or her influence to inspire people to do good, then we have a real leader in the making, in spite of the lack of majority vote.

I acknowledge the grave importance of the outcome our National Elections. I even concede that there is an element of fear in me that we might yet again make another mistake. I am only consoled with the fact that our past mistakes have not succeeded in obliterating us a nation and as a people. This is in spite of the pain and agony which we have been subjected to.

My only hope is that we have a clean election so it would be easier for non-supporters of the winning candidate to accept the results. Although the Filipinos have come a long way from being the silent and timid voters to the most unspoken ones, we have demonstrated time and again that we are able to work with any President who has our well-being in his/her heart. We are forgiving of honest mistakes which any leader will have during his/her term but not of the arrogance in believing that he/she can get away with anything.

I respect your vote, please respect mine. I do not need to explain my vote nor do you. Write your choice on that ballot after examining your conscience and live with it.

“We can argue all day about our candidates of choice and accomplish nothing,
We can fight for a clean and honest election and accomplish everything.”

Let us all pray for a clean election tomorrow.¬†It’s time to reconstruct our nation once again.

– Letter Writer



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