Letter to My Second and Last Love

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Original Photo by: GreenThumbsUp

Original Photo by: GreenThumbsUp


Letter to My Second and Last Love gives proof that there are indeed second chances at love and that they can provide the promise of forever.

To My Last Love,

While most would write to their first loves, I now write to you my second and last love.

I’d often regret why you were not the first one who made my heart beat with so much intensity. For that was how I’ve always imagined it to be, to be swept off my feet by just one true love and to live happily ever after. But that was not how it was meant to be.

For some reason, you arrived two years late into my life, not even in a romantic fashion. My attention was caught by another and I suffered for my haste. But you watched over me as a friend without me knowing. It would take several more years of me hurting alone and you watching over me on the sidelines, and then there you were.

I must have known at the back of my mind that you will play a big role in my life but I dared not hope. It would have been too much to bear if I was wrong once again. But then you made me feel there was reason to hope and to love again.

It would be a lot more romantic I know if I were to write here that you are my first and last love but we know better. The first love thing has never been an issue to you. It is reassuring to hear you say that what matters is now and the future.

Being second has always had negative connotation but the second chance at love that you gave me is anything but. I have taken this second chance, this time with reality in check. I will take it for what it is and treasure all these moments I share with you.

All I can give in return is the promise that you will be my last love. Yours is the love I will take with me when my time here in our world is up. In my heart, you’ve taken the first place and no one, not even my first love can take that away from you.

Not everyone will get a second chance at love and I would have been more foolish than the first if I didn’t take it with you. Thank you for proving me right this time.

Letter Writer

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