Husband’s Letter to Neglected Wife

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Original Photo By: adwinda

Original Photo By: adwinda

Husbands’s Letter to Neglected Wife is about a man’s realization of his wife’s loneliness when he failed to make her feel important, wanted, and loved, and his willingness to make amends for it.

To My Dear Wife,

Your sudden outburst about feeling unloved a moment ago left me shocked and disbelieving. Me, neglecting you? Absolute rubbish!

I work so hard to give you a comfortable life, I hardly have the time to sit close to you when you ask me. You talk about having quiet walks and relaxed conversations with me but I’m always too busy to give in. Oh, I’m sorry that must have meant you wanted to spend more time with me.

When I regale you with my personal accomplishments, you’d always cheer me on. I remember you were sharing to me about winning a contest or something, then I ┬áhad to make an important phone call and forgot all about it and never asked you. You were unusually quiet then but I was too busy celebrating myself. I should have celebrated your moment with you just like we used to.

You’d often ask me how you looked and I’d say good as ever without giving a glance. I remember I used to shower you with praises and compliments, you’d always say I was exaggerating but then you’d look so happy and glowing. I forgot the last time I seriously took the time to look at you just because.

Do you love me? Do you really, really love me? You seem to ask those questions more frequently these past months. You ought to know the answer to that question by now but you say you don’t feel it. Now I remember, I broke the promise I made to you a long time ago to always remind you how much I love you.

Now, I understand why you say you feel neglected. I forgot all about the little things that matter a lot for a happy relationship. You’d always say it’s me you need most so let me make it up to you starting today.

I love you. I really, really love you. I will never, ever again forget to say and show that to you.

Your husband

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