Letter to Parent of Misbehaving Child

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Letter to Parent of Misbehaving Child is a request from one parent to another to exercise his parental responsibility to guide a child hurting other children.

Dear Parent of Misbehaving Child,

Seeing a child bullying or hurting another is disturbing enough. But to have your child hurt my child while you look on and not intervene is shocking. You shrugged it off as a result of pure child’s play while my child bleeds and cries. Honestly, for a second there, I had a vision of knocking you out. I thought it is a perfect “eye for an eye” thing to shrug it off as parent’s defense.

But I restrained myself with much difficulty. I know I cannot accomplish anything by responding to violence with violence. Maybe it was a good thing that it took more time for me to reach my child as I’m not sure what I may have done out of reflex. So I chose to write to you now hoping that no similar encounters will ever happen again between our children, through your help.

I know you wouldn’t want to see you child hurt in the same way I want to protect my child. ┬áPlease understand that it is very important for me to raise this issue with you. Our children will be in the same class for at least a year. Knowing that you are willing to work with me in preventing similar occurrences will be very much appreciated.

It really strikes a raw chord in my heart when I hear you defending your child’s actions. This is not the first time this happened and I’m afraid this will not be the last. You are in the best position to correct and guide your child. But unless it is made clear to him that hurting others whether at play or otherwise is not acceptable, this will continue.┬áSo I ask for your cooperation.

It is not my business to tell you how to raise your child. He has to hear that what he is doing is wrong, straight from you. He believes you more than anyone else. I hope you choose to use that fact to the benefit of your child.

Hoping for the best,

Fellow Parent

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