Letter to Real-life Fairytale Princess

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Original Photo by: anitapeppers

Original Photo by: anitapeppers


Letter to Real-life Fairytale Princess is addressed to women who have gone the long way in finding their real-life Prince Charmings. Most had to suffer through several frog princes in their lives before they can say “and we lived happily ever after…” but the important thing is that they’ve found the real happiness meant for them.

Hi there girl,

I know you’re getting married and that’s good news even at that but to hear you say that you’re getting married to your very own Prince Charming fills my heart with so much happiness for you. I saw how you suffered in the hands of Prince Controlling who practically made a robot out of you – do this, do that, don’t do this, don’t do that. Everything was confined to a set of rules …always, and it was suffocating. I know because I sometimes catch you seemingly forgetting to breathe while you tried to be his perfect girl. It’s a good thing you finally came to your senses and ended the relationship later than most expected …but not yet fully I guess.

Along came Prince Show-off who treated you as a prize for display. Again, you played into the role of being his perfect girl. This time, it was about looking good physically at all times. It must have been exhausting to look so picture-perfect all the time, not having that freedom to dress fab one day and drab the next, because you simply feel like it. It was as if you were living your life in front of the camera as an example of a perfect female specie, ready for public scrutiny. I suppose you eventually knocked some senses into your head and walked away. Good for you, that’s was why I thought and everything was rather quiet from your end for some time.

Out of the blue, I saw your announcement that you are getting married soon. I am not in the position to judge your Prince Charming but basing on your relaxed countenance nowadays, it actually looks like he’s good for you. Your face reflects an inner peace that I never detected in you before. If that ain’t good, I don’t know what is. So best wishes girl and start weaving the best love story ever told in history. Let the story unfold and flow with ease and spontaneity. Let it be your own fairytale to tell your children and your children’s children.

Letter Writer

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