Letter to Stepmother

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Original Photo by: anitapeppers

Original Photo by: anitapeppers

Letter to Stepmother is a daughter’s message to the woman who became her second mother and successfully avoided being the stereotype


I can never ever relate with the story of Cinderella and her stepmother. Living with an evil stepmother with two equally evil stepsisters must have been the loneliest situation to be in. Fortunately for me, it was you who stepped in the shoes of my biological mother. I couldn’t imagine how it would have turned out if my father have chosen badly after my mother’s early death.

There  is no image of a mother I can compare you with as I wasn’t old enough to remember my mother before she left. I had no personal standards to speak of, just general expectations of what a good mother should be. I know my father tried to make it work with just the two of us but between you and me, we know he didn’t fare quite well. In fact , he failed miserably in the mothering department but still he did it so endearingly so everything was forgivable.

Then one day he came and introduced you. I knew he was nervous and you did too, so we did what two girls are supposed to do and talked straight out, as if we’ve known each other for long. If it were not for the difference in our age, I would even be tempted to say that we’re like two peas in a pod, so much alike in so many ways.

You treated me like your own. I sometimes wonder if is it even possible for you to love me more than you do now if I was to become your true flesh and blood?  You were never my stepmother. You were my mother all the way. Even when my younger siblings came, all the more you showed how much you cared for me. You assured me of your never-changing love and for that I thank you.

During my rather turbulent teenage years, I’m really glad that you were there to provide some calm and direction. You were ready to change roles as the need arises. I saw you as my mother, my sister, and my friend. Now that I have my own children, you have gracefully adopted to your newest role as grandmother.

You have reduced Cinderella’s stepmother to a mere fictional antagonist to me. I have lived through my own childhood fairy-tale because of you. Thank you Mom, not only for being my mother but also for being the woman that held our family together. Thank you for making Daddy happy. Thank you for being my stepmother who saw no need to substitute for my mother.

You daughter,

Letter Writer

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Teresa Martinez

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4 Responses to “Letter to Stepmother”

  1. Wow, you have plenty of good letters, I am really impressed and I love reading your letters, unique and from the hearts

  2. alaine says:

    This letter is full of love. It’s heart warming. I am a step mom too.

  3. erinjoan says:

    This is a wonderful letter and stepmothers are not evil at all. almost all of the stepmothers I know are loving and caring 🙂

  4. Shengkay says:

    i think i’ll be a good stepmother. hahaha.. maybe because I grow with thatset up also and no issue naman.
    what a sweet letter..love it.

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