Letter to Suicidee

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Original Photo by: MGDboston

Original Photo by: MGDboston


Letter to Suicidee draws inspiration from the death of Robin Williams, the accomplished and funny man least expected by many to commit suicide. We will probably never know what he went through but we can help prevent a person close to us from going the same way.

Hi there,

I know you have been trying to keep a brave front…smiling, laughing with us, even when you feel like ending it all. In fact, you are almost always the life of the party. We go to you when we need uplifting of spirits and you never fail us.

I know, because I once saw you with your defenses down when you reached out to me. You said you felt empty, depressed for some unexplainable reason, amidst your seemingly good life. You did not make sense.

What you said made me uncomfortable. I didn’t want to listen, didn’t want to believe. For if you who have everything, felt that life sucked, how am I, a mere mortal without extraordinary achievements supposed to feel? Besides, who’s going to make me feel good, if not you?

So I said to you “you’re just going through a phase” and dismissed you and your tears with a pat on the back. Never did I see you again that way. You continued showing your happy side to everyone. I desperately wanted to believe you were alright as your loneliness was just too heavy a burden to carry. It was embarrassing to admit to myself that I needed you to be alright for me.


Seeing you now in your hospital bed with a bandaged slashed wrist, I feel guilty for not listening to you that day. I’m sorry for taking your grief for granted. I’m sorry for always taking what you have to give without giving back anything in return.

I’ve always envied your life. You accomplished pretty much everything you set out to do while I stayed…well,as the ordinary me. I thought I have nothing to give that will be of value to you. Now I understand there is.

Please wake up and give me one more chance. I’ll listen to whatever it is you need to say. You can cry on my shoulders if you want to and no one will need to know. Don’t ever think again that you have no one like you wrote in your letter. You have me…you have me.

Letter Writer

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2 Responses to “Letter to Suicidee”

  1. Rona Cuera-O says:

    I did try to commit suicide once but I stopped and pray that God help me whatever problems I am facing and will face.

  2. I love your letters!!! I just want you to know…

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