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submit a letter

Submit your own original letter and get a chance to be the featured letter of the month or the budding letter writer of the month.  Letter submissions containing profanity, offensive language, and personal attacks will not be considered for publishing.  By submitting your letter, you guarantee the ownership and rights over it and expressly agree to have such letter, if selected, published in this blog with proper attribution but without compensation whatsoever.

Those who will make a submission are requested to provide their true and full name, valid email address and blog url (if applicable) for record purposes only.  These information will not be published unless requested by the sender and deemed acceptable by the blog owner.  The blog owner reserves the right to take down submissions which become subject of copyright complaints, without need to provide prior notice to the sender.

This blog specifically likes to avoid issues about duplicate content so we would only be accepting submitted letters that have not been previously published in other blogs/sites and are not intended to be published in other blog/sites. We reserve the right to take down letters that are discovered to be published in other blogs/sites before or after this blog’s own  date of publication of the same letter. Letter submissions must include a two-sentence guest letter writer bio.

Preferred length: 300 to 500 words

Submit a Letter now and discover the joys of letter writing.

NOTE: Your letter will have a better chance of being published if it is presented in a very unique way even when tackling common topics. We seek to provide our readers the greatest variety of personal letters possible so we highly encourage guest letter writers to consider topics that have not been used in previously published letters. Have a nice day and continue writing letters!