Thank You My Child for Your Unconditional Love

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Original Photo by cherylholt

Original Photo by cherylholt

Thank You My Child for Your Unconditional Love is a letter to all children who love without condition or question. These children are the blessed souls who provide the needed balance for all the maneuverings done in the name of love.

Thank you my child for your unconditional love.

Your love gives me constancy in a world where nothings seems to be permanent and lasting. It is like a breathe of fresh air in a room that has been staled by broken promises. Your trusting eyes tell me you believe in me in spite of my imperfections. You may never really know how many times you have saved me from spiraling downwards, never to come back, just because you made me feel you believe in me.

With you, I need not think of strategies in winning the game of love. You ask the reason for my tears and wipe them, very much in the same way I do for you when you cry. You just sit close when I don’t answer and wait,┬áthen gently ask me if I want to play. When I say no, you tell me to sleep and rest and say I’ll feel better when I wake up. It was as if I was the child and you were the parent. It was both comforting and amusing.

There is not a shade of embarrassment when you say you love me. In fact, there is even a trace of defiance in declaring a love for someone like me who I admit can be so unlovable at times. That very defiance shames me during those times when I fail to love myself.

I love you my child. It may not be that evident all the time but I will try to make it so. Thank you for always loving me.

Your unconditional love my child is what makes me go on loving in a world that has given me many reasons not to.

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