Thank You Letter from Teresa

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clean slate

Thank You Letter from Teresa is the personal letter of gratitude from the woman behind A Letter Writer.

To my husband, I thank you for your enduring love and patience in dealing with my moods. Although I know you understand that those moods are often brought about by psychological stress and physical exhaustion, I know that shouldn’t be the case. Let me tell you that I do appreciate it when you acknowledge your faults and make amends for it because it makes me feel valued when you want to make things better between us.

To my children, I thank you for the love that comes without question nor judgment. I have never seen such genuine love that readily forgives my shortcomings. Although our family isn’t as picture-perfect as those that seem to come without struggles, it is extremely comforting to see you working with us, your parents, in dealing with everyday challenges.

To my relatives and friends, I thank you for staying by my side through thick or thin (you know who you are). You can always choose to walk away when the going got though but you didn’t. I can only hope that I will be as consistent as you are when it’s time for me to do the same to you.

To my employer and work associates, I thank you for the opportunity. Not many people get the same opportunities that I do to earn a steady income while allowing me to do what I love most which is writing. Every thumbs up adds confidence while every thumbs down is an opportunity to learn and be better.

To my God who never left me, I thank you for the strength that can only come from someone who knows what better things lie ahead waiting for me. You know me more than anyone else. I am so sorry for those moments when I catch myself doubting your existence in the face of extreme life challenges. There is no doubt, it was always you who pulled me through.

I am thankful for the clean slate given by the start of each day, forgiving myself for whatever it was I should be sorry for yesterday, driving myself to reach the tomorrow I fervently hope for. Truly there is so much to be thankful for.


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Teresa Martinez

A freelance researcher-writer who has continuously been in such field for more than 10 years. Previous to that, her work experiences are in the banking, advertising, and cooperative industries. More of her work in Google+

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