Thank You Letter to Ballet Manila

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Thank You Letter to Ballet Manila is a letter from a novice ballet fan about her heartfelt gratitude for a dance company that continues to try to bring ballet, an art form often perceived as elitist, closer to the Filipinos.


Dear Ballet Manila,

I came to watch the final show of your “Tatlong Kuwento ni Lola Basyang” ready to be entertained but I guess I was not ready to be blown away. For blown away I was with the exquisite craftsmanship of every step, beat, and motion that I witnessed. It was a moving spectacle that would remain with me for quite some time, if not for the rest of my life.

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I marvel at the tenacity of your prime movers to bring ballet to a level that ordinary spectators like me could understand. The time you took to teach the language of ballet proved productive and effective as it allowed many of us to follow the story without the need for words. You could have gone straight to the show but both of you stood there with nary a snobbish air, making us comfortable in the show that we are about to see.

lola basyang1

You chose to kick-off your 20th Performance Season with a character who we are familiar with. Lola Basyang’s storytelling represented the golden tradition of sharing stories while huddled together as a family. For me, it was a reminder to hold on to the good things that help preserve family relationships.

lola basyang2

You gave us magic that we can only dream of. You encouraged our imagination to soar as we went with the flow of literary creativity interpreted in dance form. You gave us color, music, and emotions, perfected at every turn, leap and spin.

lola basyang4

You also gave us the good news about the company dancers’ triumph in a recently concluded competition. That news is received with so much pride and joy. I know there is much more to come.

lola basyang5

You gave families like mine an excellent option to bond. Me clapping and cheering all the way through is not much of a surprise as I’ve always been appreciative of dance. What you should have seen was how my usually serious husband and two technologically-hooked children were doing the same.

lola basyang0

At curtain call, I knew I was eternally hooked to watching ballet. You made it easy. You made it fun. You made it natural. Never again will I stay away from it. Ballet does not only belong ┬áto the elite, it belongs to everyone who seeks to experience the joy of dancing in its finest form. Dancing doesn’t even have to be one of our inherent gifts for us to appreciate it. Thank you for helping me realize that.

With much gratitude,

Letter Writer

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