The Letter I Never Sent to My Dying Mother

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Original Photo by: hotblack

Original Photo by: hotblack

The Letter I Never Sent to My Dying Mother tells about the inner feelings of a daughter who had to see her mother go through the pains of sickness and how she dealt with it her way.

Dear Mom,

At the onset of your sickness, I was there with you as we sought the best cure we can possibly get our hands on. Our family was at it for several years and our emotions see-sawed from hope to despair and back, in a vicious cycle. I know it is physically and emotionally draining for all of us in the family but slowly, I felt myself drawing back, wishing to separate myself from this depressing scene of unspeakable pain and looming death.

I found myself staying away from our home and you, not being able to bear seeing you this way. Though I was technically still living with you and dad, my presence became scarce, choosing to spend more and more time with my friends and only going ┬áback home when I think both of you would be asleep so I can just look at you without my emotions being probed. I just didn’t want to talk or think about what could happen. I have decided I will deal with that when the time comes. Not yet, not now.

Being my mother, I know you understand my ways. Never the less, I know that you would feel hurt sometimes especially when it would seem that I didn’t care enough. Believe it or not, I do. I always did and always will. To lose someone we love is sad but to lose someone who loves us back is agonizingly painful.

It’s just that I don’t like to give in to tears anymore and by being close to you, those tears would come in torrents. I’m so scared that I actually feel I will never recover if I give in to those tears. And so I held them tightly, only to succeed in making me appear hard and heartless in the eyes of many. Many would say I will rue this decision. I know, I know…

So allow me to write this letter which I will never send, a letter of love to the one woman who truly loves me for who I am. I love you Mom. Please find it in your heart to forgive me for my shortcomings during your most trying times. I can only bear so much.

Your daughter,

Letter Writer


You left us today and my tears just flowed and there was nothing I could do to stop it. I will see you, although I’m hoping not too soon. Rest now Mom, I love you so much.

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