Welcome Home Courageous Caitie

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Welcome Home Caitie is a salute to a young girl who came to be known as Courageous Caitie as she bravely faced the ordeal of a sickness that initially defied explanation. She passed away yesterday but not without touching the lives and hearts of millions.

Dear Caitie,

I came to know about your story through social media. My feelings were mixed- sadness for such pain to be experienced by a young girl like you; amazement for the courage that you showed; and shame for myself for being less brave and accepting as you are when faced with my own health concerns. I silently followed the developments as they unfolded, praying that you would miraculously pull through. At one point, I actually thought that miracle would be granted but then your rest finally came yesterday.

My heart reaches out to your parents who I know are suffering so much at this time. Even with their resignation and acceptance of your probable fate, they never gave up, just like you. I will not even attempt to measure their sadness especially since they choose to celebrate your life rather than dwell on the loss. You have touched so many people without even trying…by just being your uncomplaining self, something that people like me can only hope for.

As you come back home tonight Caitie, I would like to salute you for a battle well fought and for a triumph that not even death can diminish. Who would have thought that immense courage can be found in such a frail body? Rest your tired body now.

The courage and determination you showed inspires us to find our own strength within. Your life, no matter how short, was not in vain. Thank you for showing us how to live.

Letter Writer


courageous caitie

In Memory of three-year-old Caitlin Soleil “Courageous Caitie” Lucas

Image Source: https://www.facebook.com/courageouscaitie/

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