Why I Say No to You My Child

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Original Photo by: KellyP42

Original Photo by: KellyP42

Why I Say No to You My Child is a letter of a parent seeking to make a child understand why what he wants is not acceptable.

My Child,

I’ve always hated seeing that look of disappointment on your face whenever I have to say no to something that you want. That is why I try my very best to weigh carefully what you ask for before I even utter this 2-letter word to you. Maybe you’ll never really know the state of anguish I go through when I know I have no other choice but to say this dreaded word.

Seeing a trace of rage in your eyes upon hearing that word coming from me today made me realize that I have to make something perfectly clear before it is too late. I love you to the high heavens and your happiness means the world to me but I am your parent and you are my child. Because of these roles we play in our lives, I am responsible for you, especially now that you seem to be testing the limits of the silent rules we follow in our home at such a tender age.

Of course, some of these rules are not rigid and can be adjusted depending on the situation and as you grow older, I’ll give you that. But some things are simply not negotiable like your safety and well-being. What you are demanding from me to do now is to allow you to go straight into the pits of danger with full knowledge of the consequence. That my child, is something that I cannot do.

It is actually a lot easier to say yes for now and let you be but what about the future? your future? Eventually, you will be responsible for that and everything will happen because you decided on it. Even now, it will be your decision whether to hold a grudge on me and rebel or listen. I can only do so much and it won’t do any good, if you choose to believe that my NO means your unhappiness.

I know you’re much wiser to believe that. Don’t let this momentary feeling of disappointment blind your judgment because by seeking to retaliate in disobeying me, you are bound to hurt yourself. In turn, that would hurt me a thousandfold more but it is your one life-impacting hurt that scares me.

I am your friend, never doubt that, but more than that, I am your parent. I have this important duty to prepare you for your own life ahead. I will not waiver even if you get mad, although I’m hoping you wouldn’t. Ten to twenty years from now, you’ll probably ask me how to deal with your own children so I’ll leave this letter to remind you that I did it because I did my duty as a parent and you allowed me to do it.

When you’re ready to talk with me later, let’s talk. Let us not waste a moment longer in being angry at each other. We both got better things to do.

Your parent,

Letter Writer

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2 Responses to “Why I Say No to You My Child”

  1. Tracii says:

    Wow..This is something I wish my mom could say to me

  2. Love says:

    This letter is mind-blowing.

    I would borrow some of the ideas to be used.

    Thanks to Teresa Martinez!

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