Will You Give Our Love Another Chance?

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Original Photo by: JessicaGale

Original Photo by: JessicaGale

“Will You Give Our Love Another Chance?” is a letter asking for a second chance in a failed relationship. Coming from the heart of someone who admits being in the wrong, this man is asking for one more chance to prove his worth to the woman whose love he has taken for granted.

My love who I have hurt so much,

You were right…there will come a day that I will realize how much I’ve lost, with you gone from my life and that day is today.

I was a fool to let you go, a bigger fool for causing you to leave, and the biggest fool for thinking that I can easily find another woman to replace you. I became so engrossed with myself, forgetting to nurture our relationship along the way. It has always been you who has given way to my needs and my dreams. I have forgotten ours and worse of all, I totally disregarded yours.

It was only when you were gone that I truly realized the impact of what I have done or failed to do for us. The things that I used to think will make me happy now appear meaningless and unimportant without you. I have long taken your support and love for granted, thinking that they will always be there. It was wrong of me not to have appreciated what you willingly and unselfishly gave me.

My love, I beg you to give me another chance and come back to me. Forgive me for hurting you so with my indifference. I promise I will make it right this time and prove to you that the love you gave me was not a waste.

I am suffering so much now without you and probably deserve it. Please end this suffering by giving me this once chance I ask. And if I fail you one more time,  I’d leave without you asking me to. I’ll do that for you, for then it will be proven that I’m not good enough for you. You deserve the best man and I will try to bring out the best in me to be worthy of your love.

I love you and I am so sorry for not having said it enough or showed it enough.  I will wait for the slimmest of chance that you will give me. Will you give our love another chance please?


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Teresa Martinez

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5 Responses to “Will You Give Our Love Another Chance?”

  1. joy says:

    deeply wounded or not, no second chances for me 🙂

  2. Nova S says:

    I presume everyone deserves a second chance, also it depends on what kind of mistakes that person have..forgiveness and forget is what we should always apply, though it might too hard to do.. however it’s better to give them another chance.

  3. juliana says:

    I believe that everyone deserves a second chance. If God is able to forgive, we certainly should be able to do so 🙂

  4. betchai says:

    maybe if the girl is still free, a second change may be considered, but usually, a second chance is very difficult, at least for me, i find it hard to trust again when I have already let go

  5. Darrell says:

    I’ve screwed up so much I just hope this letter will give me that one glimmer of hope to be with her still

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